Monday, November 17, 2014

It was bound to happen.

We got our first snowfall.

And isn’t it wonderful!

Now,  I should mention at this point,  especially to those who may have arbitrarily drifted on through here and who are not aware of just how my pea brain is scrambled,  that there may be a hint of sarcasm there?

Of better yet,  say those words right after you’ve let off a little gas,  and you’re not quite sure whether or not you might have crapped in your underpants.  

That’s as close as I can get without being overly graphic.




It’s OK though.  Really.  We don’t have to go out there with the crazies,  who find themselves running late after having lined up at the Tim Horton's drivethru. 

Have you seen some of those line-ups?  That can’t be an efficient use of your commuting time. 

We did make our way through a Tim Horton’s drivethru at one point this morning,  and that was only because by that time it was too late to go anywhere for breakfast.  There was nary a soul in front of us,  so that was a breeze.

Which is more than I can say for Travelling Companion’s “stress test” this morning.

The test itself started right on schedule,  but then we somehow got lost in a sea of incompetence afterwards,  when we were asked to “just wait for a few minutes”  until the results were ready.  Or something like that.

You know,  it’s a funny thing,  but after about an hour and a half of waiting,  I was beginning to have a better understanding of the concept of euthanasia. 

I mean,  if my later years are going to be spent waiting in Doctors offices,  then I can see how one might look forward to “Sweet Death”. 

There was the offer of an excuse,  but it was pretty f**king lame.

Apparently (and I’m paraphrasing here) “it didn’t come up on the computer.”  “You should have knocked on my door”. 

Say what?

You mean,  you don’t know who is in your office?  And who are you, anyway? 

Like we’re supposed to know.  Maybe next time I’ll just go throughout the office (it was quite the labyrinth) and just knock on all the doors?  That should be really swell. 

The doctor was blindly out of the loop, since he seems to rely on his assistant to bring in the next contestant.

There’s more than one “service” being offered at this place, so patients are coming and going.  Some are there for allergies.  Some are there for EEGs.  It’s a mixed bag.  They were all getting called.  Some of them over and over again.  We just sat there.

Back in the day when we were using the equivalent of a Commodore 64 for all our computing needs,  I might have let that one slide.  But I’m sorry, these days there’s no excuse, so don’t blame your ineptness on some “computer”.   Not overly impressed.

Travelling Companion was really close to getting up and walking out.  I was fine either way, because I didn’t want to be the instigator,  but I was starting to get a little peckish towards 10 a.m.   And we had been there since well before 8:30.

Wishing for death. 

Or maybe just a muffin.


Travelling Companion tells me that the doc was matter of fact,  so there wasn’t much of a feel for his “bedside manner”,  but it’s understandable how a person might not be overly thrilled with the whole experience?

And that’s when you start to wonder about those reviews.

But let’s not be digging up subjective BS.   I never saw the guy face to face,  so I have no opinion.  He could be the next best thing to Jesus raising the dead.  Or he could be a total horse’s hind end. 




We’ll be making another trip in the morning.  This time it’s back to the hospital for, “Pre-Op”.   They say, “three to four hours”.  


I did a “Pre-Op” once upon a time for a hernia,  and I think it was maybe an hour start to finish. 

I’m going to “opt” out of this one.  I’ve offered to drive,  drop her off,  and go back and fetch her.  We’ll also save on parking that way.

We’ll see how that goes.


Keep your socks pulled up.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. ...lined up at the Tim Horton's drivethru.

    There's a long list of things in this world that we simply don't get. This is one of them!

  2. Doctors waiting rooms can sure be frustrating at times.
    But you made it through.

  3. Your place looks like a wonderful ski lodge I'd love to stay at, and I don't even ski.


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