Thursday, June 12, 2014

Off to vote.

Didn’t think I could hold my nose for that long,  but I managed.   Not going to say how I voted.   The members of our household have never been ones to stick to one particular party or another.   Mind you,  these days we do try and have a unified effort,  since one year many years ago,  we all cancelled each other out.  May as well have stayed home.

Today’s title was going to be something along the lines of “If you put out your junk,  they will come”,  and maybe in some obscure way that ties in with the voting thing.  I’ll let you sort that out.

Anyway,  today is one of those “put out your junk” days,  and I complied.  The thing is,  most times it’s best to put the stuff out the night before,  as the Region really and truly prefer not to pick up “metal items” or “appliances”.  

Well now,  that could be an issue.

That was pretty much all I had.  There was the old dishwasher and the fireplace insert.

I regret to say that I failed to get any photos,  but the fireplace insert was the first thing I put out,  and it was gone already by 5:00 p.m.  with a couple scavengers arguing about who “saw it first”.    Really?

The one guy,  who is the local brain addled bum that we refer to as “Dan Two Cells”, ‘cause that’s just about the number of brain cells he has functioning after having spent his youth sniffing glue,  had walked home to fetch his wheelbarrow,  (doesn’t have a vehicle,  are you kidding?) probably with the intention of using the insert in his shed,  or garage or wherever.  Not the best plan by the way,  as I had taken out the fire bricks.

(*that’s* why the damned thing was so heavy!)

Anyway,  by the time he got there,  some other scavenger Dude had shown up with his trailer,  and was about to load up.   I didn’t intervene,  and the only reason I was privy to this “conversation”,  was because I had mentioned to the trailer Dude that there was also a dishwasher available.

“Too much plastic”  was his reply.

OK, whatever!

Too bad for him though,  as I put it out later on,  and it was gone lickety split.   It was a Miele,  and I somewhat doubt that there was “too much plastic”.  So he lost out on that one.  Too bad.   Jack-ass.

There’s also that expression having to do with “looking a gift horse in the mouth”?    Um, ya.


Damned if I didn’t forget about the old snow blower though!  Gah!   Oh well.  Next time.

My preference with that item would be to give it to a vocational school for one of the small engine shops.  They’re always looking for stuff to take apart and/or repair.   I may have to look into that.



Sometimes Travelling Companion and I have these little miscommunications when it comes to “what to eat”  right around dinner time.

Kind of along the lines of “he said, she said”, or something like that.   Or maybe more like,  “what did I say?”

So I had to come up with something quickly,  since there was a memo or something that I missed regarding dinner.

So we have,  “colourful”,  and “not so colourful”.  Just some veggies and a couple of those frozen burgers.



They’re certainly a far cry from “Bob’s burgers”,  but they’ll do in a pinch.  Helps to slather on lots of BBQ sauce…..


Oh,  and in the photo department,  we have this.



That’s our neighbour using our lawn mower.  

A few days ago she and her hubby were out there trying to get their machine going,  and while I’ll admit that I basically haven’t a clue on the subject,  it sounded suspiciously like the carburetor needed to be rebuilt.   There were questions about what kind of gas they had been using, and whether it contained ethanol?  

They weren’t entirely sure,  and that tells me that they were probably using the wrong fuel.   It almost seems like one of those “wives tales” or “internet legends” or something but no,  you’d best keep ethanol away from anything with a carb. 

I was given strongly worded advise about using gas WITHOUT ethanol when I bought our machine.    So if they were using a fuel with ethanol for three seasons (their machine is only three years old)  then that tells you just how quickly ethanol with muck up your carburettor. 

Naturally,  the repair place advised them that it might take “three weeks” before they get their machine back.    And you know what?  That’s the way she goes.   I happen to know the owner of that business (which is why I sent them there)  and his main bread and butter are the “Lawn Care Technicians”  who need their machines to make a living.   If you’re a “walk-in”,  you have to cue up.   Of hello,  don’t use the wrong fuel.

My neighbours understood.

Meanwhile,  they’re welcome to use my machine.   Oh,  but of course,  I put in my own fuel.  




Not sure how the sailing will go tonight.   We might only be racing to the clubhouse for a pitcher of beer,  as they’re calling for thundershowers or some such thing.  Never a swell idea to be on the water during an electrical storm.

We’ll see.



Meanwhile,  keep it between the ditches.  And thanks for taking a look.






  1. I think if you gave Dan two Cells the snow blower you might have to rename him "Stumpy."

    Lightning in a sailboat with a tall aluminum mast...what could go wrong?

  2. In Kansas and Missouri, all the fuel has to be gasohol by law.... This has to do with the states growing corn and creating demand... But just saying that carburetors will have to be re engineered to live with the stuff... But then most things are injected now days anyway....

  3. It's amazing who shows up and how fast the minute your take any junk out to the curb - love it!

  4. My brother-in-law made fun of me for not using his cheap gas station. I pointed out his has stickers that say "May be up to 10% ethanol." He hasn't a clue what that means. I told him in my experience, the ethanol infused gas I have to use in WI gives me poorer gas mileage than the real stuff. He doesn't believe me, of course.

  5. "On the water" tonight! Beautiful!

    I put my old, black metal BBQ at the end of the driveway today with a "FREE - WORKS" sign on it. It lasted ten minutes. It had an old tank with a bit of propane in it so he could make his dinner on it tonight if he wanted. Norma would not use it - too rusty. "It will poison us", she said. We have a new stainless steel unit now. We will try to use it before it gets rusty, or whatever happens to stainless steel.

  6. Too bad Dan Two Cells wasn't running for office. He has to be smarter than most politicians... ;c)

  7. Oh yes, the Election! I am sitting here on the Left Coast waving my little Orange flag. ;)

  8. Got the voting done, not sure who I voted for , does. ot matter much really?

  9. Saw a sign in Alabama at a gas station that says they have no corn on their gas. Yea, but I bet they use it in their moonshine.

  10. Well, you're staying busy and your neighbours too.


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