Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Just a bit of catching up.

Um,  lemme see.   Hope all those to whom it applies had a great Father’s Day.

I still ended up “doing stuff”,  but I somehow don’t think it really matters.  Some of us like to BBQ.  Or cut grass.   Oh wait,  scratch that last one.  But I did BBQ. 

Always good to eat.


Meanwhile,  we’ve been moving forward with “house work”,  and I don’t mean the kind involving a hose and a central vac.


We’re going to be hiring a Carpenter Dude,  as we will be recladding the front cedar sections of the Ponderosa.   It’s long overdue.

We’ve come up with our list of materials,  and I’m off tomorrow to part with some cash.

We’ve had the help of one of Daughter Number One’s architect associates,  who declared that structurally,  all of the cedar is sound,  but now we just have to make it all pretty and such.  

It’s been chewed by squirrels,  carpenter bees,  and woodpeckers.   I think they were after the bees.  At least I hope so.


Let’s just say there have been many different “strategies” put forth for this type of reno,  from the guy last year who basically wanted to build us a new house,  to a couple others who have come by to look,  and rather than saying,  “this is beyond the scope of my abilities”,  simply never show up again. 

Really annoying.


And yes,  sixteen footers will fit nicely on a landscape trailer.   I’ll be picking up my nephew’s truck tomorrow in the a.m.

I have to make two stops,  mostly due to the availability and/or price of dimensional cedar.   It all comes from the Left Coast,  but it’s a matter of trying to come up with a decent price and decent quality.  It’s a challenge.


You may recall that we had our new dining room set delivered a few days ago?  Weeks?  Whatever,  doesn’t matter when.

The sad reality however is,  the old set had to go.

I took a stab at selling it on Kijiji,  and maybe if I had been willing to pony up the dough to keep it on the first page, I would have had more interest.  There was some,  but nobody seems to really want old stuff.   At least not somewhat run of the mill old stuff,   so it ended up getting donated to the St. Vincent de Paul Society

They were the only ones who were willing to come and fetch it,  so it was picked up this morning.



I had already disassembled the table,  so that was the easy part.  Nice to get my garage emptied out again.  Relatively speaking of course.


I just put in that gratuitous photo to show that it was in fact,  well made.


We bought the set used back some time in the 80s,  and it has served us well for all that time.  Nary an issue in terms of structural integrity.   Made by the Andrew Malcolm Furniture Company of Kindcardine,  Ontario.    Kind of sad to see it go,  but now some deserving family can enjoy it for another few decades.  Or longer.




I guess that’s it for any kind of updates.  Like you care.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. What would you do without a project?

  2. You too have been busy with renovation work. Seems to be the thing to do this past while....for us, that is.

  3. Project after project after project - not sure how you keep track of all of them. lol It is hard when you're not just saying goodbye to furniture but also memories that go along with it.

  4. Let'a be honest Bob, you always have stuff to do. You actually make the rest of us seem inadequate. Bad news about the old dining set, we might be putting our Rosewood dining room table up for sale. It might kill me to have to give it away.

  5. And here I thought you were the carpenter dude!

  6. When you have an aged house there is always something to do, keeps you out of trouble.

  7. I wanted to side the house in cedar, once. My uncle talked me out of it, citing woodpeckers.

  8. Looks like a lot of WORK. Sorry to use 4-letter words on your post.


  9. Glad you have so many projects to keep you busy. I can just imagine the trouble you'd get into if you were idle...


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