Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nary a bug.

Ah,  it warms the cockles of my mean spirited heart.  

There was one last bee that had been out foraging (or whatever the heck it is they do) and the Bug Man said,  “As soon as he comes in contact with that stuff,  he’s a gonner”.

OK then.    Within the hour,  there warn’t nuttin’.

All grammar mistakes are intentional.


And now (I wrote that a day or two ago)  there’s still nary a bug.

Anyhoodle,   I guess I’ve been meaning to write a word or two,  and somehow the thought of slipping everyone into mind numbing boredom has kept me away from the keyboard. 

It’s still a possibility.


Got the call the other day that the furniture that we had ordered was “in”.   Now,  when I say “we”,  I really mean Travelling Companion,  since the conversation usually goes thus: “How do you like this stuff?”   “Meh,  it’s OK.”

And that’s my entire input into the whole furniture buying process.  Mind you,  I know what I don’t like, so that often results in some consternation.

Meanwhile,  the leather love seat that has adorned out living room had to go downstairs.

Oh this is gonna be fun….



It’s a wee bit “bulky”,  shall we say?

I figured it out.



I did have to turn it around the other way,  take off the hand rail to the basement steps,  and grunt just a little.   I usually prefer to do these things on my own,  especially since there was only room for me and the love seat in that back hallway. 

It won’t ever be coming out of there with me “at the helm”,  shall we say?


There’s also the “fat ass chair” that’s going downstairs,  and I can do that one at my leisure.


Sure enough,  the Delivery Dude called about mid day yesterday (Saturday) to say they were moving right along,  and would we be home in the next hour?   Well,  I had already removed the mailbox,  and was contemplating the removal of the front door.  

See,  the pieces that were coming were just a tad on the large size.



Somehow of course,  in my addled state of consciousness,  it had totally slipped my mind that T.C. had ordered THREE pieces.   But hey,  we’ve paid for them,  so it had to all come in. 

There two are strapping lads,  and the cash I handed over to them was money well spent,  let me tell ya.


No pictures on the walls of course, since we were waiting on the furniture.  Has to all be “congruent”.  

Don’t ask.



So now it’s like, “The house of couches”.   It turns out  these pieces are BIGGER than what T.C. had imagined. 

I suggested we either need a bigger house,  or maybe a slide out?   Maybe two. That would work.

Oh,  and let’s not forget the “Edith Ann”  chair.




Remember Edith Ann?

For the life of me I can’t seem to embed the video,  so you’ll have to click on the link.


I think that chair is going to find another spot in the house.  Some sort of “reading corner”.   Or something.  It’s just freakin’ huge.   Like,  “Grand Hotel Lobby” huge.

The good news is,  we’re “done” with buying sh*t.    Thank gawd.


I spent a sweaty half hour or so this morning dealing with all the cardboard and other packaging that it came in.



And by “sweaty”,  I mean our lovely humidity is back.   It’s never really summertime in Southern Ontario unless there’s a hefty dose of humidity.

We’ve had our share of cold and miserable weather,  so it is what it is.   I ain’t complainin’.   Especially now that we have air conditioning.

Just push that button!   Eeeeee!

Um ya,  *that* was definitely a purchase that was long overdue.


So later today we’re off to the annual “Can-Am”  festivities.   Our good friends Steve and Lovely are gracious enough to host an annual celebration of both Canada Day and Independence Day.   He’s a Canuck,  she’s a Yank. 

Um, don’t judge me,  if I can say “Canuck”,  then I’m sure I’m allowed to say “Yank”.   She’s originally from Indiana.  That fits,  right?

Oh geez,  I just started to skim that article.  It’s a lengthy subject.   Whereas the definition of Canuck seems to be a bit more cut and dried.  

Knock yourself out.


I suppose that’s all I have to bore you with today.   Tomorrow morning I start ripping cedar.  Hopefully the humidity lets up just a tad.  Gah.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Yeah the "bugs be gone" and now all that lovely new furniture.
    How many slideouts?

  2. Sitting in that chair and reading.....or snoozing will be great!

  3. Happy Canada Day to you and yours, Mr Bob! It seems that most furniture in the stores nowdays is built huge. NOT for ordinary houses, but for all those McMansions that are now gracing our lovely land. Glad you managed to get such pretty stuff inside at least.

  4. I've always resisted using the word "Canuck" because I wasn't sure whether or not it was offensive. I hold our neighbors to the north in high regard and wouldn't want to offend. As for "Yank" I have no trouble with it.

  5. According to that great esteemed politician, Nancy Pelosi, we're all "Americans"... :cO

    1. Um ya, I think she's in the same club as that other Ass-Hat Coulter? Such clever girls.

  6. Good news on the bees. That furniture certainly is large but it seems thats the only way to be sure its comfy.

  7. Sure nice that you didn't have to haul all that new stuff in by yourself or you'd really have had something to vent about. Looks great though - I'd be careful to not be the first one to spill anything on that new couch!!


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