Sunday, June 22, 2014

Some light at the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately,  I’m speaking literally.   If I were speaking figuratively,  I’d be dreaming.

I thought I’d tackle a bit of the fireplace disaster this morning.  You know,  just to get a little dirty and such.  I also prefer to get involved with these little issues when left to my own devices in the house.  

It’s usually best to not have any witnesses.  If I make a mess,  I’ll clean it up. 


I did manage to get a few more sections of old rusty stove pipe out of the flue.   Gah!

I can’t begin to tell you what a shitty job that is.   Should have had Mike Rowe here from “Dirty Jobs”.    I’m sure he would have had a fine time.  This is also when having a sink in the garage comes in really handy.  Sure wouldn’t have wanted to wash up in the house anywhere.

I’m “done” with that little issue for the day.  Can only take so much. 

Not that I should ever speak harshly about this issue,  but this is exactly why you don’t use regular stove pipe in this situation.  It rotted,  and fell in on itself.    Gotta go with stainless steel.  The powers that be specify it for a reason.


Anyway,  I’ll get it sorted out eventually.   I’m at least able to look up the old flue a good eight feet or so.  That’s my best guess.  I might take another gander from up on the roof.  But not today.

Meanwhile of course,  Travelling Companion and I took that trailer on a little expedition on Thursday and managed to pick up a good half of all the cedar we’ll be needing.   Ironically,  the clear one by six tongue and groove that we were admiring on Tuesday had all be sold,  so that portion of the materials will get delivered in a week or so.   The sooner the better.

I have to touch base with Carpenter Dude today and see when he wants to start.

I measured for new windows for the front,  but I need to take into consideration the proper dimensions after we’ve cladded the old cedar with new stuff.  

It’s never that simple it seems.



Some days I truly wish it could be “that simple”.   But we’ll persevere.  

We have another small family gathering to go to today up in Guelph,  so I only have time for a few minutes of World Cup,  all the while resting my back just a tad.

Beautiful weather here in the area.  Not sure where that dreaded humidity is, but I’m not complaining.


Keep those sticks on the ice,  and thanks for taking a look.


  1. You are getting things done and even a small family get together too. We will enjoy this wonderful summer weather while its here.

  2. I think Mike Rowe would have fled that job in a panic! ;c)

  3. I don't want to know how our flue looks like inside!


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