Monday, June 23, 2014

One more off the list.


And outta here!

And really,  it only took me so long due to my own fussing about.  You know,  putting on coats of clear finish, trying different things.

Doing eighteen other things at the same time.

You know,  the usual.

I’m pretty sure I haven’t used an actual set of plans to make anything for a good twenty years.  Which basically sucks.

There’s something to be said for plans,  since they do tend to speed up the process.

You might recall that “box” that I had started for Daughter Number Two once upon a time?  Yes?


Well,  it’s as of today in its new home.





The function is two fold,  as it acts as a work surface as well as a storage area.  So mounting it on the wall at the correct height was kinda important.



Then when the fold down part is put back up,  the support part acts as a frame,  behind which she can put a poster or some such thing.



No poster in there yet,  but you get the idea.

It’s been a while since I’ve actually made anything,  so I did sort of bumble along a bit,  although I never did have to take anything apart. 

I’ve heard this can take place when it comes to sewing?  However,  on the woodworking end of things,  if it’s wrong,  it usually ends up in the scrap heap or fireplace.   We still do have one downstairs for just such an eventuality.


I suppose that’s my big accomplishment for the day,  and that’s pretty much all I got.



Here’s a half-assed recap,  in case you missed it.


(those were taken months ago,  I’m ashamed to admit)


Just to assure you that yes,  it did come from my shop.

I’m sure the next one I make will be heaps easier.  Only thing is,  there’s rarely a second one of most anything I make.



Not much else going on today.

Oh, I did take a little jaunt down to the Etobicoke Yacht Club just after lunch to drop off the skipper of the boat I crew on,  along with one other crew person,  as they were going to sail the boat back to Bronte this afternoon.  It was the WOW regatta,  wherein three of the female crew members sailed in a regatta on Saturday.


The story goes that,  there were others who were amazed that: 1) The skipper of the boat was not only not there for the Saturday,  but had arranged to deliver the boat for the crew,  and 2) That there were only these three individuals on the boat.   “How did you manage?”

Well,  lemme see now,  two of the individuals have been crewing or helming that boat for 13 and 14 years respectively,  while the third lady (of an undetermined age)  has been crewing on various boats for at least a couple decades,  shall we say?  I’ll have to ask her one day.

Anyway,  the reason behind the WOW (Women on Water) regatta is to encourage all those who may be somewhat intimidated by the idea of sailing a boat in a race. (Which is usually the ladies,  the men won’t admit they’re confused….)

There’s a bunch of “stuff” to remember,  but the organisers made it easy peasy for everyone,  by calling out the signals and start times over the radio.  Which,  if you want to get fussy,  is NOT really the copasetic thing to do over a marine radio,  but I’m sure the Coast Guard simply ignored all that blather.  Plus,  they’re way down on channel 9,  which isn’t anywhere near the more important ones.

So don’t any of you Coast Guard Types get your epaulettes in a knot.



Looking back to Toronto from The spit.   Not sure that’s what they call it,  but that’s where the club is.

I didn’t have a chance to get any photos of them sailing off towards Bronte,  since I simply let them off in front of the clubhouse and that was that.


The logistics of these things can sometimes be a challenge,  although the last time I was involved with sailing the boat home,  we took the train to Toronto,  and then hopped on a street car that took us down to the National Yacht Club. 

Most times though,  it involves some “taxi” type person who is willing and able to either go and fetch someone or drop them off.  

Of course,  what is a half hour trip from here into Etobicoke, can be a three or four hour boat ride back home,  but their vehicles are there waiting for them,  so they’re on their own.


Lemme see?  Anything else?  Don’t think so.


Hope that wasn’t too taxing.  Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Is that why we don't ask for directions? We don't want to admit we're confused?

  2. I never had any epaulettes to get tied in a knot. I feel so cheated... :cD

    1. I wondered about that, but threw out the term anyway.

  3. You do some solid wood work, I'm impressed. And envious not having learned to do those things.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I enjoyed looking at the pics of your woodworking project. I've got the exact same dovetail machine you have even though I've only used it once or twice. I need more practice.


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