Sunday, June 8, 2014

When you can’t sleep.

Mind you,  I might have been fretting about my Slovenian class.  We’re pretty much drinking from the fire hydrant at this point.  It’s overwhelming.

So I spent a fair amount of time on Friday trying to get somewhat caught up,  as I had given the previous weeks class a pass.  That was the Boy’s weekend.   No class.  And you can take that any way you like,  but try not to judge me.

Anyway, we survived our third last class.  At least I *think* we only have two more.  That’s OK.  Note previous fire hydrant reference.  Besides,  there was only Daughter Number Two,  Travelling Companion,  one other person and I.   Great class size,  but there’s no hiding behind someone else,  trying to figure out what you’re going to say or do next.  There’s another six participants,  all of whom are in one family, plus fiancé,  who are currently travelling in Slovenia.  Sort of why they were trying to brush up.  I suppose you could say they didn’t plan the timing of their trip all that well,  but I suspect they had booked their travel time quite some time ago and well,  sometimes that’s the these things play out.

I did have something that I thought I wanted to say for yesterday,  but I guess I was a bit weary.  Plus,  I’ve been a tad busy,  and I don’t mean just with the removal of the old fireplace insert. 

It’s OUT, by the way,  and siting in the garage waiting for the BIG PICK-UP later this week.   We’re once again having one of those “bring out your dead” kind of garbage days,  and I’ll be putting out a couple items the night before,  in anticipation of the transient metal picker-uppers who always manage to end up with a pick-up truck full of stuff. 

More power to them,  I say.



I thought there was an old “clean out” at the back of the hearth, and I was happy to find it there. That’ll do just nicely for my gas line and power supply. The insert requires a half inch line,  and that’s the same size as the hot water heater,  so we’ll figure that one out.  Probably right around the time that we install the gas fired stand-by generator.  Yes,  it’s still sitting in the garage.  Cut me some slack.


I’ll just show you some pics,  and you can see what we had delivered yesterday.


Of course I had to put a couple bits together,  but that was no big deal.

Put it this way,  when the manufacturer uses cherry wood to act as braces that get removed and “thrown away” after assembly?  That’s a pretty good indication that the quality of the piece is maybe not too shabby?

I also liked the way they packed everything.  The roll there keeps the chair away from the sides of the box,  and then there was the usual coverings and such.   Even the fabric they used to protect the feet was nice stuff!






Got a little conjested in the dining room this afternoon.





It looks a little redder in the photo than it really is.  I’ll not bother to try and do any kind of correction.

With the exception of getting rid of the hutch and buffet now,  we’re into the next phase of what’s to take place in here.

It’ll involve some cabinets along the back wall there.  That’s only something I’ve been planning of for a long,  long time.  I mean,  there was that whole time spent in Europe that sort of got in the way,  but now we’re back at it.

I wasn’t quite sure what the cabinets would look like,  but now that the table and chairs have arrived,  I’m pretty sure I can incorporate some of the design elements of the set.

I’m not very creative,  so I need these little hints once in a while.


Of course,  the grass needs cutting and it’s raining,  but what else is new?   I’ll see if it’s dry by mid day tomorrow.


Keep those sticks on the ice,  and thanks for stopping by.




  1. Love the table, is it Rosewood or Cherry?

  2. Neither. I was surprised to find out that it's birch, that has been stained. But we knew that when we ordered it back in April.

  3. It is beautiful. Never have lived in a house that had room for a dining room table.

  4. Now thats one nice chunk of furniture, can't wait for the rest.

  5. OK Bob....still envisioning the "drinking from the fire hydrant" thing. I take it this means you are trying to take in too much at once? Pretty nifty analogy I would say.

  6. Are you trying to say that you've been sleeping in class?

    Nice dining room set, by the way. Quality is the only way to go and you certainly bought it. :c)


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