Saturday, February 22, 2014

Welcome to Crazy Town.

Population:  One.

For whatever reason, those words popped into my noggin a few hours ago.  Like an annoying tune,  I can’t seem to get it out of my head.

Wonder why.


I mean, it’s OK.  Really.  I’ll plug away.

And,  I do realise it looks a little extreme to cover just about everything,  but I *know* there’s no flippin’ way I can paint the ceiling without dripping here or there.  And that would be bad.

I don’t even want to talk about it anymore.  Seriously,  I’m doing this, and then I’m taking a nap.


Now,  I realise that I tend to limit the scope of ze blogue so as not to inadvertently upset any random individuals whom I might encounter from time to time.  It’s just the way it is.  I’ve found myself “in trouble” in the past when I’ve gone on a little too much about others.  Especially when it comes to relations.  I still contend that I can make fun of my siblings.  If any of them take exception,  they can start their own damned blog.  So there.

In spite of my general reluctance to speak of others, I have to mention an activity that we took part in last night.  It was kinda fun.

First,  a bit of a preamble.   In our circle of friends,  one of the offspring recently went on a little adventure.  Don’t ask me why.  Sometimes a young man’s fancy turns to wild thoughts,  and it turns out he just might have to act on them. 

Nothing salacious,  don’t worry.


This is Ben.



He’s the son of some friends of ours.  We gathered at their place for a little “show and tell”.  

And, just as an aside,  back in the days before the internet,  I remember going to the community centre close to where I lived as a young man and watching a “Travelogue” put on by some folks who had spent some time in Africa. I think I had to cough up a few bucks too.  This was essentially the same. (Nowadays,  we just click on some blog or other.)

Only the slide projector was a laptop.  Oh, and note the lack of wires!  I realise wireless is pretty run of the mill,  but I’m of “a certain age”,  and still get a little giddy at the technology that’s readily available.

Anyway,  there was plenty to eat, along with a few libations,



which helped us keep up our strength,  as he proceeded to tell us of his trip last summer (and on into late fall) when he hiked the Appalachian Trail.

Yes,  you read that right.   He started in July (sometime,  I forget the actual date)  and finished on December 11th.

And as you may recall,  there was that brief period of time when the National Parks were closed as a result of the budget shortfall in the States,  which very well could have scuttled the whole deal.

He went from Maine to Georgia, and that’s North to South, for those of you who think it matters.  Most folks go South to North.  Depends on what type of weather you want to finish up in.

You can read the wiki article I linked to above to try and absorb the scope of the hike.  Let me save you a couple minutes by pointing out that it’s roughly 2,200 miles or 3,500 kilometres. 




Crazy, huh?   Well,  I don’t know.  He’s a young guy,  and just figured he wanted to do it after graduating from University and before figuring out the next bit.

Somebody should have told him that the type of photo below is NOT the kind of thing you send off to your parents.


I could have told him that.  Save that one for later.  Or for never.

The picture was taken at McAfee Knob,  for those of you with score cards.  I could certainly go off on a tangent here about some knob named McAfee who was the first to do this, but I think I just did.

Let me just say this about that.

Both my parents have long since passed away,  but there were things that I NEVER ever shared with them when they were alive.   Wouldn’t have mattered who was on the death bed.  I wouldn’t be muttering “Rosebud” or any such thing.  A feller needs to keep a couple cards close to the chest.  And hey, I realise that some people feel the need to blurt shit out as some sort of “therapy” or some such hokum,  but I was never going to go there.



That’s all for today.  I’ve put in my laborious three hours of ceiling painting. 

Gotta let it dry to see what I’ve missed anyway,  so that’s that.


Keep those sticks on the ice.   Enjoy your weekend.


Thanks for lookin’.




  1. If I was painting a ceiling, I can guarantee I would have no choice but to cover everything but I doubt I could have done as good as you did. That picture made my stomach turn over and I'm not even related to him. Never, ever show parents anything like that.

  2. I only paint a ceiling once, before the walls, flooring and furniture. If it needs done again, sell the house (guess that's part n the reason I have had 11 houses.
    No house now, no more painting, only for other people.

  3. Painting is all about reason why I am a lousey painter.

    The picture of Mcafees knob...that's just wrong!

  4. I'm a lousy painter but somehow, when volunteering, that's what I end up doing. I'd have to take every stick of furniture out of that room... and then shroud myself in plastic... and I'd still have paint in my hair and down the registers... Oh well. As to hiking the AT.... just crossing over it a few times while traveling is my limit... hanging off a cliff.... ARG!

  5. I'm thinking you've inhaled one too many paint fumes... :cD

  6. First I saw all those pizzas and thought Wow!! I'd sit through a slide show for that. Then, that picture!! If I was one of his parents that pizza would have left my stomach real fast!!!


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