Friday, February 21, 2014

Too much stress in the bleachers.

play like girls

I like that one.


I have to say,  I don’t get overly excited about the Olympics,  and can only watch certain events.  And even then, only sometimes.

I also have to say,  I tend to get a little “verklempt” in certain situations,  which is why I tend to not watch.

It then follows that I had to switch off the Canada/USA Women’s Hockey game after Canada was down 2-zip.   Oh Lordy. 

If you don’t know how it turned out,  then it’s of no interest to you,  and if you do know, then there’s no point in me rehashing one hell of a game. 

In addition to that kind of stress,  both Travelling Companion and I are skiing right along with the competitors in some of the events.  I even had to have a shower after this morning’s workout.  *phew*!

Something called Ski Cross.   Crikey. Four of them hurtling down the hill AT ONCE!  

Seems we tuned in just in time to see the Canadian Ladies do OK.   (OK fine, gold and silver)

And just a few minutes ago,  Daughter Number One came over to fetch some frozen thing or other out of one of the freezers,  and suggested we watch the men's Hockey game..   Yet another nail biter!  My arse still hurts from all that puckering. 

Now they have to face Sweden. 

This is one of those situations where,  it’s almost better to play for the bronze since, if you’re playing to get to the final game for the gold,  you either get to that point,  or you’re out.  This is the unfortunate fate of the US team,  who played very well,  by the way. 

I mean,  they’re ALL NHL pros,  but it’s a different “Gestalt” when you’re playing for your country.  One of these years the spell will be broken,  but let’s not jinx it. We’ll just ride that wave for as long as we can.


I had some other sh*t that I was going to go on about,  but I think I’ve bored you enough at this point.


Oh,  here’s one for you:




This is why I was out there in the wet snotty snow that we got yesterday afternoon clearing it away,  since I figured it would a big mess if I didn’t.   Neighbour Dude across the way chose not to.  (Well,  he would have had to move all those cars too I suppose)

This is the reason why he had to gingerly escort his wife to the car.   It was just a wee bit slippy.  She wasn’t taking any chances.

There but for the virtue of my snow shovel go I.


We had our share of rain,  and now it’s turned curiously mild yet windy.   It’ll freeze again soon enough.


Enjoy your weekend.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. The men are all pros, and I didn't care as much...I was rooting for the US, but not too excited. The ladies were great! What an ending, I was dissapointed of course, felt sorry for the girls to lose when it looked as they would win, but I have to admit half way through the 3rd period I mentioned that the US was winning but I was really an even game with the edge if it was scored like figure skating to Canada.

  2. All's well now, Bob, in hockey-land assuming we can now beat the Swedes on Sunday for the Gold Medal. Win that game and these Olympics will be a stunning success for Canada!

  3. We did same as you with the hockey, but did enjoy the final outcome.
    Don't pack away that snow shovel yet!

  4. Don't even have a TV... hmmm... guess the Olympics are on, eh? I was saying to Bill that 3 months might be a bit long to be here in this 90+ degree (F) temps... then I saw your photo of your neighbor and his driveway... guess I'll just shut up.

  5. Sadly, looks like we're stuck with your Bieber for the long haul now...

  6. We watched the events via Tivo, so we could skip all the bits we were not interested in:)

  7. Haven't watched any of the Olympics but I can understand why that women's hockey game was a nail biter. And congrats to the men too - hope they beat Sweden.


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