Tuesday, February 4, 2014

And so, life goes on.

We’ve certainly had a few “events” over the last few days.  Super Bowl parties,  teams getting trounced,  Ground Hogs making nasty predictions.

Wait.  What?

I think that last one is the most upsetting,  to be honest.  Little bastard saw his shadow.  Or at least the one in Punxsutawney.  He was in agreement with Wiarton Willie as well.   I think I prefer the verdict given by Shubenacadie Sam.    Seems that Nova Scotia is going to have an early spring!   *pfft*  Aren’t they lucky?


I suppose it’s something to pass the time when February rolls around and you’re bored outta yer gourd.

I’ll offer one more prediction.   After hearing a little story relayed to me by my brother from down on the farm in Nova Scotia,  if any of them were to show up there,  shadow sighting or no,  he’d fill them full of lead.  As he has horses,  groundhogs aren’t exactly welcome “down on the farm”.    Seems he has something called a “22”?   Hm.  And it’s a semi-automatic. 

And the question mark is somewhat rhetorical,  since I’m well aware of what a 22 is all about.  And a twelve gauge,  and a 30 ought six.    These are fairly standard fair in rural parts.    Gotta keep them varmints at bay,  especially when it involves the well being of the livestock.   But let’s not get all philosophical here.

Hm,  now that I think about it,  it mustn’t be the same 22 that we had when I was a young ‘un,  since that one was “bolt action”.   That kinda sucked, basically.  I think the whole semi-automatic program would work for me.  But I’m not much of a one for ordinance, to be honest.



I’m showing you a picture of a pile of something or other,  covered in snow.  Everything is pretty much covered in snow,  which is why I had to bring that top “something” inside overnight to melt off the frozen bits.

Just love that heated garage.



Had to dig out that ladder as well,  since we’re going to set off on a new adventure.

OK well,  that’s a load. 

Just means I’m back to the painting again.  I’m pretty stoked.   I can barely contain myself.  Can you sense my enthusiasm?


And why do I need the big honkin’ board,  you ask?  Well you didn’t, but whatever.



Just gotta get up in that corner.  

That looks like a hoot,  dunnit?  This is the only place in the whole house where there’s no way to reach with just a roller on an extension.   Well you *can* reach it,  but there’s the ‘cutting in’ that needs to be done.

It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to paint before we installed the ductless AC unit there,  but that’s the way she goes.  I certainly wasn’t going to put that off until I had painted,  even IF I had started just as soon as we bought the paint.  That’s fine.  I got some newspaper and painters tape.  No big deal.

And by the way,  that railing there isn’t the way it normally looks.  I’ve taken out the balusters so I get over to the other side. 

I don’t think that lack of baluster arrangement would meet “code”. 


Well,  pitter patter.


Thanks for stopping in.


  1. Those groundhogs are certainly unpredictable and are not welcome in Quebec either. We had a mother and her babies living under our shed. I didn't like it when they'd feast on my flower beds. Happy painting.

  2. I think they should wait for Bill Murray to come out of his apartment and see if he sees his shadow.

  3. Never did trust them groundhogs, we know spring will be here for sure in the south, and hopefully we will follow it north.

  4. I'm just happy to not care about the stupid groundhog and his shadow. Be careful walking the plank. Sharks below you know.

  5. Nothing like the excitement of painting to get the old blood moving!

  6. I don't like your scaffold arrangement AT ALL! Oh please reconsider! Please post again to let us know you are okay. I have some corners on vaulted-type-ceilings that drove me crazy until I finally reached them . . . but the edge is not perfect. I just try not to look up! ha! BE CAREFUL!
    RETA@ http://evenhaazer.blogspot.com

  7. The way you have your ladder set up, I'm expecting to see a YouTube video on another episode of "Stupid Human Tricks". ;c)

    Sad that with all this technology to forecast the weather, we have to rely on some varmints that are much more accurate than the weathermen at predicting the weather.

  8. I grew up on a farm with horses and cattle. Groundhogs were shot on site. The first gun I handled was a 22 single shot rifle. I got a nickel for every one I shot.

  9. My husband, who is six foot five, had to construct scaffolding to cut in the paint in our stairwell. I have vowed to love that color always. I think it's cobweb gray.


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