Thursday, February 20, 2014

Slight mayhem.

Not sure if “slight” is a proper modifier for mayhem.  We’re experiencing a certain amount of disarray,  but it’s no where near the level of “cluster-f**k”,  yet it’s definitely somewhere higher than say,  “somewhat buggered up”.  

That of course,  is due to the continued efforts in the painting department.

Well really,  at this very moment,  I’m sitting here on my ass, but you know what I mean.  I plug away.




Now,  the thing about covering up the darker colour (some sort of green,  which I quite liked)  with primer is,  we can now see just how dirty the carpet is in the upstairs landing. 


Well,  not literally.  I hope.  There were two pets living here, but I think the dirt is mostly of the run of the mill “pets be messy” variety. 


Plus of course,  one of the bulbs was burnt out in the lamp overhead,  so that was helping us be blissfully unaware of just what the situation was.

Soooo…after a bit of a discussion,  we ordered a little something on Sunday night.  I mention the Sunday night thing,  because that has been the time slot when we do tend to do these things.  The subject gets rattled around over the weekend,  and by Sunday night we’ve made a decision.   That’s how the TV was ordered.   It took a week to arrive.

Not so with the little item we ordered this time around.



This was there to greet me when I got home yesterday afternoon after gallivanting about in the fore noon.

I’m pretty sure I stood there with my mouth flapping for at least a couple seconds.  That was really fast. 





I mean,  fast delivery is awesome and all, but you know,  I could have waited just a few more days (maybe weeks?) for this item to show up.  Really.

I’ve cleaned my share of carpets when I was with my previous employer,  so I’m no stranger to the job.  At least this little beasty isn’t so huge that I’d need a second person to help hoist it up the stairs.

We’ll see how it performs.


You might be wondering,  why oh why would we have carpet on the landing,  when there’s some form of laminate or hardwood everywhere else in the house?

Well, as I was working my way through the various areas on my quest to rip out the old and put in the new a few years back,  I became painfully aware that the stair case leading down to the ground floor was slightly out of whack. 

As in *crooked*.  Gah!

I’m not sure I could have even remedied that issue before I did the tiling at the front entrance or not (ripping out a staircase?)  but I knew for sure,  that if I were to put down laminate in the upstairs landing,  it would the one thing that would draw your eye to the crookedness of the first tread.

So, carpet it was.  And now it needs to be cleaned. 

I think I’ll keep working on the painting issue first though.


I’m just *so* excited. 



Watch out for the puddles.  I say that because,  the snow has not yet melted,  and we’re due for some rain.  That should be interesting. 


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Well, you know how one thing leads to another... maybe you shoulda just left that burned out lightbulb stay.... before you know it you'll be buying new drapes, furniture... maybe even a new kitchen sink. Yeah... I'd a just left that lightbulb alone.

  2. Yep think I agree with Sharon, leave the light bulb or maybe just a 25 watt bulb we work.

  3. Why does one thing always lead to another?

  4. I so enjoy reading about your life on the edge...

    Hope your heart is strong enough to work with all that excitement! :cD

  5. I don't even want to think about the carpet in my rig. :(

  6. oooh, wanna borrow a carpet cleaner?? Well, you might be just a wee bit too far away after all.

  7. Bob. I'm getting tired just reading about all your hard work.


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