Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hiring a painter.

No, I’m not. 

But I’ve noticed that things like question marks don’t translate well in blog headings.


I suppose the bigger “news” is,  we had yet another snow storm.  Yay. 

If you thought that “Yay” was kinda weak?  You can still think.

Unfortunately for a lot of my teacher friends, (well, those who are still toiling away in the trenches) the higher up gurus who make the decisions about whether to close schools or not,  chose not to.   Mind you, they cancelled the school buses,  since of course,  it would be safer to have the kids get driven to school.  Or something.  I could never figure out what the hell their logic was.  It snowed most of the day,  and I believe we are well on our way to a new record.

This following pic is for all you folks in the South,  just to help you justify having driven all those miles. 


It’s a completely different mindset when you don’t *have* to go anywhere.  I took T.C. to work,  and still went to breakfast with the Wednesday group.  We were somewhat fewer in numbers,  but that’s OK too,  since then it’s easier to chat.  I never in my life thought something like that would be a *good* thing.   So lame.

Matter of fact,  most of the stores and such were pretty darned empty.  I had two “associates” willing to help me in the paint department at Canadian Tire.  I didn’t mind.  A bit of a change from normal,  when they seem to be running around doing most everything except be helpful. 


I took the following photo the other day for all you panicky types who figured I’d be doing some sort of high wire act with a paint roller in my hand. 

Um no.  I was born at night,  but it wasn’t last night.



It took a bit of “higher larnin’”,  but I managed to figure out just what ladder type device I needed to get up to that other part.  Had to take apart the extension ladder and clean it up.  Mostly.

Not the easiest to snake twelve feet of ladder through the house either.

Once I get that part out of the way,  I won’t be needing any more elaborate props.  Some how I seem to recall it was heaps easier before the installation of the air conditioner?   It’s been a long time since I painted the green.  I still like the green,  but my opinion when it comes to colours counts for nothing.  We touched on that in the wedding vows.  Or maybe there was some fine print when we signed those documents?  Memory fades.

“And thou shalt henceforth have no opinion whatsoever as to the colour of the walls in your house.”   Amen.

Lumped in there of course,  is a sub clause regarding clothing,  women’s in particular,  and whether or not you should have an opinion.  You do not have one.  You are a mute.  Remember that.




Had a brief moment of concern yesterday just before dinner time,  since I had made chicken soup and wasn’t entirely sure if we had any more of *those* noodles.  We had been using some home made noodles that the “Ladies from the church” had made,  but they had been used up.  Fortunately,  I still had the package that was shipped over from the old country.   I think we’d call it “Angel hair”. 

Mind you,  I’ve never actually seen these, “Ladies from the church”,  and for all I know,  it could be a specialty shop called “Ladies from the church”,  where you can buy such specialty items.  I think that’s a concept that would work.

“Krofi” is one product that comes to mind. 


The Austrians and Germans call them Krapfen.  Sounds a bit like “crap”,  I know.  But they’re good.  Really.  Especially the ones with filling.  *drool*   And that site lists some 87 different recipes.  Well, they’re all in German,  but you can look at the pictures.  Fill yer boots.



OK,  I guess I had better get back to work. 

Oh look,  the sun is coming out.  Yay.  Bitter cold and sun.  Just fabulous.


This sums it up.  Mouse over the picture…

looking for that groundhog



Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping in.


  1. I think I will keep "my sticks" solidly planted in the desert sand.

  2. You still be the Caretaker!

    Love the cat/groundhog shot.

  3. Funny, how in marriage, everything is supposed to be 50-50, yet I'm outvoted 90% of the time...

    It was in the fine print on my wedding certificate that it's really 95-5. ;c)

  4. Your ladder configuration isn't quite like we see here... yours looks slightly safer... but seeing guys here carry a folded step ladder on the back (or on their back?) of a motor cycle is a real jaw dropper.

  5. Hmm, we watching that brutal weather you having, glad we not there yet, gonna wait a while.

  6. Thanks for the snow pictures. I really missed seeing and being in all that snow. And cold and ice and snow and cold and ice and snow - well you get the idea.

  7. KRAPFEN! I miss these for sure. We always had them for Karneval, just around this time off the year. MMMM.
    I don't miss the ice and snow. But it is good to see a reminder photo now and than. :))
    Cute kitten.

  8. Thanks for the reminder of why we're down in the warm, sunny desert!

    Thought for a minute, Bob, that you had 'smartened up' and decided to hire a painter. Guess I was wrong!


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