Monday, August 19, 2013

Missed it by *that* much.

I’ve been meaning to yak about this over the weekend,  but you know how it is.  Either lack of motivation, or somehow a lack of time.  I think I’d go with the first option.

Remember I mentioned something about Bulk Barn last week some time?  Well, we have a local rag here called the Burlington Post,  which is even more of a joke than the free rag that I used to read in Vienna.  It’s in English at least,  and mostly consists of flyers.  And that’s OK, since then I know to go to Food Basics say,  and stock up on shit tickets.  Er sorry,  toilet paper. 

Let’s not get rude here.

So here’s the thing.  On Wednesday morning, as I try to be in the habit of doing,  I went to breakfast with the “Breakfast Babes®”,  and then headed off first to Denninger’s and then the Farmer’s Market that sets up on Wednesdays at the Burlington Mall.  All of these locations are precipitously close to the Bulk Barn. HOWEVER,  as I drove past the Bulk Barn after having purchased some actual food,  I resisted the temptation to stop in,  since I knew damned well that I’d be noshing on whatever I had in the bag all the way home.  Gum drops come to mind.

It turns out that was a healthy choice.  I’m pretty sure I would have been just going in right around the time that this lady mistook her accelerator pedal for her brake and did some renovating at the front of the store.



The unfortunate thing is,  most any time you hear about this kind of thing,  the driver is quite often well on in years,  and such an incident precipitates the beginning of the end of their driving career.  It’s hard to know when to hang up the keys,  but I’d say trying to get to the gum drops from behind the wheel is probably a good time.

That’s as close as I get to being in the news,  and I’m OK with that.


Meanwhile,  we’ve been carrying on with the sprucing up.  Of course,  by “we” I do mean “me”,  but you knew that.


I showed you the kitchen window last week.  Well,  one half of it is apart,  and getting the treatment.

You know the drill.  Take out the “operator”,  sand it, put on a couple coats of finish,  and so on.


While I was at it,  I just figured I’d remove the stool and trim on the inside,  since it just so happens that I had put that one in, in such way that I only had to unscrew it from its moorings.

Of course,  I have to sand and put finish on the frame parts with the window still in.  That’s always a drag,  but at least with the thing apart,  it’s not quite so frustrating.



It too is looking a little sad from not only UV damage, but I could also see where some harsh chemicals had been splashed up on the thing. 

And then this morning,  since it would be some sort of venial sin to actually finish a project and have nothing to do,  I started on the downstairs washroom.

Yay me.

This time I remembered to paint the ceiling first.  Then of course,  I start looking at the ceiling in the hallway and living room,  and came to the realisation that,  it too will need a coat of paint.  Come on!



Of course I forgot to take a “before” picture,  since it never occurred to me to even take any pictures.  The very fancy light fixture that was there had suffered an indignity by having one of its very unique lamp shades get broken back over Christmas.  I won’t mention any names,  but suffice to say that T.C. and I had come home for Christmas for a visit?  Let’s leave it at that.  Wouldn’t want you to get the idea that it was one of the kids.

Actually *thinks*, I don’t think the kids broke anything the whole time that they were house sitting.  Either that or they did a good job of hiding it, and I was too clued out to have noticed.  


Anyway,  it’s not going back up,  and I have a plan to mount one of the Swarovski Crystal sconces in its place.  They don’t use octagonal boxes in Europe for their wiring,  so the installation will take some imagination. 

This is what I’m talking about,  by the way.

North American style electrical boxes:


It won’t involve any smoke, but there’s definitely going to be a mirror involved.  I’ll leave it at that,  and I should have a result in a day or so.


Took me a while to find this photo,  but this is the one (or one of the ones,  we have two) that I’m talking about.  We shipped them over with our stuff.  This is from one of the bathrooms in the apartment in Vienna.  The mirror I’m talking about isn’t going to be that big,  I just want to cover up the box that I won’t be able to use.  I’m not going to say much more.


Go ahead.  Say it.  “oh, dat’s pretty.” 

Ya, pretty damned frustrating.


Mostly,  I don’t mind a challenge, but getting stuff to fit that was designed for another part of the world?  Oy.


And that’s pretty much it in terms of the excitement for today, and probably the foreseeable future.  It’s still summer.  It’s still warm out.  It’s all good.


Keep that sun block handy.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Happy to hear you were able to resist the temptation of Bulk Barn and weren't there for all the excitement. That is a beautiful chandelier.

  2. Who is the lucky person that gets to dust that chandelier?

  3. Am I reading that right... the chandelier is in the bathroom? Somehow I think of chandeliers with a glass of wine, maybe a rose bud in a vase... but then, what's wrong with indulging such lovelies while in a tub of bubbles?

  4. A chandelier like that in your bathroom? What the heck, Bob, do you have a gold plated toilet too??

  5. One thing certainly leads to 10 others. Maybe you could install a soaking Jacuzzi tub to go with that gorgeous chandelier...and a wine rack...ambient music...hmmm...

  6. Hmm cleaning the light fixture? No for me , we like plain and boring, Good luck with you retrofit.
    Sure can't run out of things to do, might have to buy another house.

  7. What an odd idea to have a chandelier in the bathroom. That's the room I use the least. What a waste for such a beautiful piece. (Just my opinion).
    Bulk Barn: get me some "Haribo Mix" please! No - just kidding. To keep away from that stuff is my challenge.


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