Thursday, August 8, 2013

I should stick to woodworking.

Mostly because it’s less painful.

Don’t get me wrong,  I’ve nicked the odd finger tip now and again with an extremely sharp chisel,  but even that I haven’t done in a long,  long time. 

It’s a learning thing.

Let me just put up a couple photos and you might get an idea or two.




Hard to see the big red spot,  where normally you can see my veins.



And this will be the answer to the problem:



At first I thought I had discovered something called “Stinging Nettle”,  but that thought quickly evaporated as I realised I had three little nasty buggers chewing away at me.  I think they were chewing.  I guess they were stinging.  Whatever. Something was hurting,  and I mean, like crazy!

Run away!

And no,  I didn’t run in the front door.  Are you kidding?  At least they didn’t follow me around the house. 


I’m not even sure if they were wasps or hornets.   I didn’t stick around to find out.  I’ll be taking care of them tonight,  or early tomorrow morning.   I just might enjoy that.



I didn’t want to get too close (again) but you may be able to barely detect one of God’s little creatures coming out of that hole next to the rock? 


I also quickly realised when I came in the house,  that we have absolutely nothing to treat this kind of issue.  So it was off to the drug store for me.   Or as my Dad might have said,  the “Paramacy”.

Had a brief chat with the Pharmacist,  (so wouldn’t that be paramacist?) whose first question was whether I was having any difficulty breathing?  

Nope, all good.

I don’t seem to have any issues with Anaphylaxis,  (knock on wood,  ooh, there’s that wood theme!) so that’s a good thing.  However,  the three areas on my arms were surprisingly painful.  Surprisingly.  Painful.  Did I say painful? 

So I think the Benadryl is working,  since the swelling has gone down considerably.  This is after several hours.  I’m due to take some more at this point methinks.

I got the liquid kind, since that was what was recommended,  as it gets into your system that much quicker.  It’s “flavoured”,  but I didn’t realise that flavouring medicine with horse urine was common practise?  Well actually,  I’m not quite sure.  I just know I said something like,  “Gah,  does that ever taste like sh*t!”  

So maybe I’m mixed up between the two.


But you know what?  It all worked out after I read the instructions.  Not the “may cause drowsiness” part.  Both T.C. and I were up at the crack of Denise or Dawn or whoever this morning,  so I’ll probably be drowsy by this afternoon anyway. 

Don’t need no Benadryl for that!

No,  I’m talking about the warning about consuming alcohol. 

“Right”,  I thought,  “I’d better pick up some beer”.   Got those lads coming Sunday afternoon and all.  That was on the way to Crappy Tire to pick up that can of wasp/hornet eliminator stuff. 

Hey,  I’ll take whatever kind of reminder I can get, OK?

And here I was wondering why I would ever need to have a vehicle sitting in the driveway?  I’m beginning to think that being a recluse (not “hermit” as I had said a while back) is maybe not all what it’s cracked up to be?  Need some sort of escape pod.







Now here’s something completely different. 

We received our Hydro bill today.  For those of you NOT in the province of Ontario,  they use the term “hydro” to denote electricity,  since it’s presumably generated at a hydro-electric generating station. Just so you know.

I’m not about to disclose the amount here,  since I don’t want to get into any discussions about what gets paid and who charges what.  I’ll just say that it didn’t seem to be that unreasonable.  It’s the total of electricity, water and sewer charges. 

Oh ya,  they like to get you coming and going.  Or is that “going” and…never mind.


I started rummaging around for last years bill, just for comparisons sake, but was coming up empty.  I think I may have shredded it with a bunch of other stuff that I purged. 

Fine then.  Called Burlington Hydro, and was hooked up with a customer service type person in fairly short order. 
Long story short,  even though (or maybe because?) we installed air conditioning this year,  our bill for July was down FIFTY-EIGHT BUCKS over last year!   Ha!   Who knew we could be comfy AND save a few bucks!   And it wasn’t like we were trying to save energy or anything. It was freakin’ hot out!   I ran that air! 

I guess we should have put something in years ago.   But whatever.

I mean,  when I saw the bill in with the mail,  I did have a moment of trepidation.  I figured it HAD to be higher.  Silly me.


Well,  I had better go do something.  Preferably something not gardening related, and I’ll try and not sever a digit on the table saw.   That would be bad.  I don’t think Benadryl would quite cut it

No flaming please.



Thanks for stopping in.




  1. Those insect bites aren't something to mess around with... you might need to keep an epi pen handy. I have really bad reactions to something as "trivial" as a bee sting... suffer from it for at least a week. Anyway... do be careful with pissing off Old Ma Nature... darn! She has a way of getting even... despite us not knowing what the heck we've done to make her angry!

  2. That looks like a nasty sting. Those are probably yellow-jackets since they have a nest in the ground. Best to take care of them at night after they have all returned to the nest and are quieted down. They can be aggressive if you go after them after it warms up and you will most likely miss most of them as they will be out looking for food during the day. Good luck.

  3. Hornets sure sting like crazy. Anneke got it four times in a campground last year. I carry spray with me and killed all I could find.

    Hope the meds work quickly!

  4. Hey, Bob, man up!!! It's just a bee sting for pete's sake. Forget the Benadryl, just crack open a few of those cold beers and you'll be forgetting all about that pain in no time!

  5. Kathy got swarmed by a bunch of Yellow Jackets and stung seven times when we lived in LaSalle. Nobody had bug spray to take care of them but the man at Home Hardware sold me weed killer that had them dropping like Flies. No more Yellow Jackets. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Hey I like Ricks Idea, think that would have done the trick, will make you sleepy as well.
    We have not paid any Hydro bills since 2006, like that!

  7. I know how you feel. I got bit inside my ear by a wasp just a few days ago and it still hurts. I also used an antihistamine creme which helps a lot.


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