Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Maybe we’re being duped?

I don’t too often do the “news”, unless it’s something quirky or weird.  There needs to be some humour.  Either that or more pie,  but that’s another theme.

By “we”, I’m talking about Canada, the US and the United Nations Security Council.  See, if Syrians (and I’m going to lump them all together here) are of the moral fibre that they would be willing to do a chemical treatment on their own people,  who’s to say it’s the Dudes in power?  Maybe, just maybe *somebody* let loose some chemicals so that the rest of the world would get annoyed enough to join in?  I’m sure the Rebs would be overjoyed if we started lobbing cruise missiles into Damascus. 

At one point four million a pop,  I might add.

Hey, I’m just putting it out there.  Besides, moral indignation is still not enough of a reason to start messing around in a sovereign nation.  Let’s not forget Iraq.  We (and by this “we” I’m talking about all the folks who pony up their taxes) didn’t really give a rat’s ass what Sadam was doing to the Sunnis or the Turds or Kurds or whomever.  Really.  It’s their country, let them sort it out.  Of course,  we can debate the price of crude oil versus the real reason for invading a sovereign nation until the cows come home,  but that’s a slippery slope.

Again, feel free to talk amongst yourselves.


We’re having a wee bit of a humid one out there it seems.

By this “we”,  I’m including just about all of Canada.  Or at least the parts whats got peoples.

All Grammar mistakes are intentional, by the way.

Maybe Vancouver Island isn’t humid?  That’s about the only place. 


heat index

Most of it seems to be right along the border.  What’s up with that?  You guys doing something down there?  Keep your humidity, really.  It’s all good.


I did do a little mucking about outside,  until the sweat was just coming off of me. Man!  And it wasn’t even that hot out,  just dripping.

Travelling Companion and I decided this morning it was time to once again engage the wondrous air conditioning.  It wasn’t that it was all that hot at night,  but I was half way expecting there to be fog in the living room when I came down this morning.  And forget getting a bath towel to dry out on its own.  Just sopping.

So,  what’s the deal with the chives?  I mentioned chives yesterday.  Garlic chives.

They’re smelly.  I mean,  really really smelly.  And they’ve GOT TO GO.

I think we had enough garlic chives to supply the entire eastern seaboard.


Them green things with the white flowers.


There’s a before,  and an almost after:




The idea is,  get rid of the damned things and put down some mulch so they don’t come back.  I did as much as I could stand yesterday morning until I couldn’t tolerate the smell any longer.  I think I’d sooner shovel manure.

They started out as a little clump a number of years ago,  and the warning was to keep them in check.  Well,  actually there were words such as “you’ll be sorry”, or something to that effect.  But see, we did that little European visit, and they spread like crazy.  And now, (and I’m a little shaky as to where this was part of the marriage vows) they are my problem. 

How does that work?

I thought of using some “Round-Up”,  but that probably would be bad.  We do want to keep the roses after all. 

And really?  Do I want that kind of stuff in the garden?  Don’t think so.

Let’s not be using chemicals. 

I’m not going to make any comparisons.



Other than that,  I was sort of mucking about.  I have this thing about keeping the garage doors clean, and they haven’t had a lick of a cleaning in a good five years,  so that was one little job.  But again, when the sweat gets in my eyes, I decide I’ve had enough. 

So then I get easily distracted,  and the distraction is usually inside somewhere.  Even my garage is cooler than outside.







Had a little drawer that was sticking so I mean,  I just had to get that sorted out.  I think it’s been sticking for maybe 20 years or so?  So it needed a little bit of trimming.  Missed that final step. Just never got around to it.  It’s a cabinet I built for next to the drill press.  Has junk in it.  I have a lot of those.

Well,  it’s not really *junk*.  Drill bits and such aren’t junk. 

I went through a lot of the cupboards when we first came home and separated out boxes upon boxes of the actual junk.  It’s out in the shed.  There was talk of a “garage sale”, but I have so very little interest.  It’ll probably end up at the “Reuse Centre” or some such place.  They can deal with it.  Some of the metal things ended up at Thompson Metals,  which they happily accept and which also keeps perfectly good metal out of the landfill.

Nowadays they even take electronics.  That’s always a good thing. I never know what to do with old TVs and such.


Your eyes are starting to cloud over.  I can tell.  You’re not alone.

Best be off to bed.


Thanks for looking.




  1. This post shows how easily distracted you can be. Talk about covering a lot of topics - from Syria chemicals to garden chemicals to humidity to cleaning out drawers. Okay I'm tired.

  2. Just my thoughts exactly..Syria and such meddling. Tzzz..

  3. Looks like you did keep yourself busy, flipping about from this to that.

  4. Syria is a bit of a conundrum alright and your arguments have a lot of merit. I've been going back and forth on this one.

    My problem is what about the Holocaust? Is it o.k. for civilized nations to just sit back and watch while a country slaughters in citizens while simply saying "that's their problem, not mine"?

    1. Interesting that you should mention that, as my (much smarter than I) wife said basically the same thing when I brought up the subject last night.
      A conundrum indeed.

    2. I was of the same mind about the Holocaust, until I heard someone say, if Japan and Germany were fighting each other would be have to pick a side? I'm kinda with Bob here, but I guess I don't have much say so in the bigger picture.

  5. Forgot to mention, we seldom ever have to worry about high humidity out here on Vancouver Island. The ocean breezes take care of that problem for us.

  6. I agree with Gabe and what's in the vows. Whatever the topic or request whenever Ralph digs in his heels I just say "it was in the vows" and the temperature drops to normal and I usually but not always get my way.

  7. Loved the link to glyphosate...just heard from a fellow NRCS employee that in North Dakota they are killing the wheat with RoundUp so it is easier to harvest. The wheat we eat. Pacific Northwest soft white goes mostly to Asia, but the North Dakota stuff goes right into our bread. Sigh.

  8. I'm with you Bob on the Syria issue but then that darn Rick has to chime in and get me to thinking!

  9. With all that political talk from politicians on the Syrian mess, there'll be plenty of manure for all of us to shovel... :cO


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