Monday, August 26, 2013

I thought we settled this?

Well, I’m pretty upset today since I missed “Go Topless Day”. 


Yes, you read that correctly.  Yesterday, Sunday was apparently Go Topless Day. 

OK. Whatever.

break out the sunblock

(I’m rolling my eyes here) 

But like I said, I thought Gwen Jacobs put this issue to rest a few years back?  There was that whole Charter challenge, or whatever you call it.  Turns out there’s a whole Wiki article devoted to the subject.  

I guess you could consider it interesting reading.  It really and truly has to do with the interpretation of the law as it now stands in most parts of Canada.  There’s some mention made of the case of a lady engaging in the world’s oldest profession,  baring her breasts in an attempt to solicit customers.  It would seem that you can’t do that

So sorry but, no flappin’ them boobies to drum up business.

But if it’s a hot day, and you’re just sauntering down the street, you can take your shirt off.  As long as you ain’t a hooker.

But here’s my problem. 

(Oh, and I have no problem with lady’s breasts,  believe me.) 

The problem is mostly with that whole “taking off ones shirt” situation.  I tend to think most everyone should keep their damned shirts on!  

You there,  with that big hairy beer gut and the stretch marks?  Put that shirt back on!  It’s indecent!  Better yet, stop knocking back the beer and all the rest of the carbs,  and maybe get out and take a walk!  Do a sit-up or ten.

But for the love of GAWD,  don’t take off your shirt.

And you’ll notice that I didn’t necessarily say,  “You sir.”   I’m trying to be “gender neutral” in my admonition.  And really,  whether you’re skinny or less than so, I don’t really care.  Unless you’re about to jump off the dock into the lake, try to have some decorum.  A sense of propriety.  Whatever you want to call it.  Most people look better in clothes.  That’s all.





There,  I feel better now.


You’ve probably surmised that, there ain’t too danged much going on today.

Travelling Companion spent some time yesterday making some peach jam.

Oh ya, baby.


This was from the peaches I bought at the market last week.  That’s the only part I can take credit for.

For my part, yesterday I took the day off.  What that basically means is,  farting around with stuff that has no real purpose.  Wasting time, mostly. 

Didn’t take pictures.


I did notice one thing though, just after we started putting the rest of the bathroom back together.

Notice the little drop of soap?


Well now, that’s annoying. 

BUT,  the internet is a wonderful thing, ain’t it?   It just so happens that there’s a blogger out there who chooses to drill a little air hole in the soap dispenser,  so I figured I’d give it a try.

It ain’t just a theory,  as it turns out.  I’m waiting to see if T.C. happens to notice.   Probably won’t.



I suppose I could have freaked out George by putting a honkin’ big drill bit in there,  and pretending to make a huge hole, but I didn’t think of it until later.  Plus, is anybody that dumb?  Well, let’s not go there.


I see it’s about to start raining again, so I’ll need to come up with something to do inside.  Just wandering around like a lost sheep.  Well,  a lost sheep whose head feels like it’s in a vice.  Stupid low pressure area!  Happens every time.

But,  we sure do need some rain, so I’ll suck it up.  The headache that is, not the rain.


Sure hope you’re getting your share of it,  wherever you may be.


Thanks for stopping in.





  1. Now there's a parade you don't wanna miss.

  2. ...and then there was the mayor of Kelowna who ended up doing a topless interview. Now Mayor Gray is being compared to Fifty shades of Grey.

    1. Yes, saw that. He kept his cool, much to his credit.
      The thing is though, *I* wouldn't take off my shirt is such a situation, so when the young (attention seeking, let's face it) lady decides to bare her girls, it didn't seem quite right. There's that whole "sense of propriety" that is overall lacking, I find.

  3. Everything you said makes sense to me...

  4. I'll refrain comment from the topless part - mostly because I don't know what to say - but you've got to be bored to drill holes in a soap dispenser! ;-)

  5. This is one blog I don't plan to read out loud to Bill... he neither needs to know about topless day nor does he need to get any ideas of what else that drips that he can drill holes in.

  6. Good of you to let us other guys know about topless day. Is that happenin' every year? I might be around then, just sayin'.

  7. Sounds like it is time for a trip back a dutch beach, to get some clarity on this topless issue-and come to that-bottoms too:))

  8. interesting fix it on the soap container..I prefer the foamy soap, just in case you were wondering?!

  9. I missed the topless day as well. But what the heck there is lotsa dairy cows here in the country.
    Go ahead drill that big hole, the tiny one works great.

  10. I was going to comment on Topless Day but after reading George's comment, I've got nothing more to say, by George!

  11. Drilling the soap dispenser. Hmm, you do have too much time on your hands... :cD

  12. Many years ago we lived across the street from a small park. The ladies softball team decided to practice there - topless. The kids were little so I kept them indoors. Russ chose that day to work on the roof (it was a LONG time ago!!). I agree with you!


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