Monday, August 12, 2013

I guess that’s it.


Somehow this one seems bigger than the old one.


That’s a whole lotta window.

I guess it’s due to the lack of the sliders along the bottom,  just makes it bigger.

I do think we’ll need to sort out some kind of curtain arrangement?   Can’t really put up the old roll up ones,  even though I kind of liked them (in spite of the holes made by the cat that no longer lives here *grumble*) since they were sized to fit the old window openings.  The dimensions aren’t quite the same.

Plus, I really don’t want to put any fresh holes in the wood.  This could be a challenge.  OK so, nobody sits in the living room after dark.   There we go, problem solved.

I had to tweak one side just a bit,  since the old window just happened to be out of plumb on that side and we snugged the new up one up tight to the old opening.   Three cans of foam later,  and that was about it for today’s big accomplishments. 

Well,  that and cutting the grass.  Big whoop. 

I thought I saw a hornet,  but now I’m thinking it was only passing through.  That’s the theory I’m going with anyway.

I’ve been studying the ground where I had my brief encounter last week and still see no activity.  I’m just a wee bit nervous about digging right in though.  I just can’t run as fast as I used to.  Well, if you’d ever call it running.  Me, run?  Right.

No vehicle today,  which means I’m stuck with whatever I can find at the Food Basics down the street.  It’s OK for a few things,  but produce isn’t necessarily one of them.  I had this bright idea that I wanted some tiny potatoes to put on the BBQ. 

Nope,  didn’t have any. 

Plus, I ain’t no wizard,  but I can tell when an onion is just about ready to give up the ghost.  Why would you even attempt to put out questionable produce?  Idiots.  Then again,  I seem to recall that the owner is a bit of a knob. 

Hey, but they had Tassimo coffee packs on for under six bucks,  so I grabbed a couple.   Seems I spend most of my time there looking for and buying non-perishable things that are on sale.  I think we have enough laundry detergent to last into the next decade.  Doesn’t go bad!  There will always be laundry! 

That’s what I tell myself anyway.

Have I mentioned I have a lot of storage space downstairs?


So.  Well.  It’s Monday and….ya.


Hope yours was a blast.  Trying not to let my arteries harden.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. the window looks great! your day sounded as exciting as mine!!

  2. Bob, do you have cicada killer wasps? Google this, as they live in the ground...

    1. Just looked it up. No, these guys were smaller. Almost honey bee sized, but no detachable stinger. Hornets I'm thinking. (guessing)

  3. The window looks great and I like the picture too - very nice!

  4. Window looks great, you did and awesome job!
    Storage, you have storage? We are looking for a 4x6 closet to storage some photos and clothes, wish you were closer.

  5. Glad you've gotten to the end of your window project, that was some task you took on by yourself. Now sit back and think of ways to spend all that money you saved! :c)


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