Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wait. Is this April?

They *say* it’s going to be a hot summer.  I’m having difficulty getting that thought into my head.  

We’re in the midst of a “winter storm watch”,  with the possibility of freezing rain,  ice pellets,  cats and dogs,  the four horsemen…

OK,  maybe not that bad.  It’s mostly north of Toronto it seems.  We’re just getting copious amounts of rain,  which was why I had some repointing done on the chimney earlier in the week.



It’s one of those tedious jobs that I’ve been putting off for just about the last decade,  so I just figured I’d get it sorted when the opportunity arose.  

That chimney has been a tad beat up,  since there was a chimney fire once upon a time,  and the fire department then threw cold water onto a hot chimney.  Swell.

I have been known to go up on the roof,  but truthfully,  it’s not my favourite place.  Well,  I don’t mind actually being up there,  it’s the getting on and off the ladder that tends to give me the willies.   There,  now you know. 

I figure I’ve been up there enough times in the last twenty years,  maybe it was time to let someone else struggle with buckets of mortar and tools.  Um ya,  there’s that part where you have to get the materials onto the roof as well?   That’s fun too.

So the question is,  did this cure my leaking issue(s)?  I have to say, *almost*.   Depending on which way the wind blows,  I can detect some moisture on the east side of the brickwork.  Not happy.  The thinking is I’ll be calling the crew back again to take a closer look.  I did a close inspection of the whole thing and couldn’t see any place where a drop of water could get in.  Just aggravating.

Meanwhile,  I’m waiting for a note from an air conditioning company,  letting me know what day next week they’ll be installing our ductless air conditioning.  Did I say it was going to be a hot summer?   You watch,  we’ll drop all this money, and it’ll be the coldest summer on record.  This is usually the way these things go. 

That’s it kids.  A couple pictures,  a few words.   I’m off to see the doc for some results from blood work and such.  At this stage of the game,  doing the diagnostics is kind of important.  We all have a few aches and pains,  the trick is (because I know “tricks”,  right?) to know if any of them actually mean anything.


Keep those umbrellas handy.


Thanks for stopping in.




  1. Here in AZ we seem to go from cold to hot and back to cold again without getting the nice weather in between. We had lots of rain the other day and no leaks - good news. Good luck with the docs.

  2. Yeah what happened we just got back across the border yesterday its kind chilly in our coach at the farm in the wind. Warmer soon right???

  3. We woke up to skiff of snow this morning. It soon melted, but the day is still chilly. (Salt Lake City area)

  4. I know everyone is getting tired of me saying how cold I am... but, dammit, that's the way it is! I almost hate those days that are warm because they just tease me into thinking summer might really be on the way. And, yes... preventative medicine is still a whole lot better than fixing something later! Hope you're still hale and hearty.

  5. I was around 42 this morning with a wind chill of 32, this is Houston Texas! April? Did someone pull pages off the calendar by accident maybe?

  6. Rain leaks in brick work are the pits...... And I can't get off my ladder very well anymore either. And then don't even talk about getting back on the darned thing without falling over the side......


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