Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just this, and then it might be nap time.


My garage is starting to look a little better.  There was not only the stuff in there that had come over from Vienna that was being forwarded on to the new digs of Daughter Number Two and Hubby,  but I managed to unload a couple items that I’ve been shoving back and forth any time I’ve come home for a visit.  You know,  that stuff that is just under foot, but doesn’t happen to belong to me?  So therefore I can’t really give it the heave,  since I didn’t really “live” here. 

Well, now I’m home to roost,  so to speak. 

and it’s already on the truck…’cause it’s “got to go”.


A lot of the stuff was still in boxes,  or got boxed here,  ready for the move.  I’ve seen way too many times where folks want you to help them move,  and they really and truly haven’t a clue.  Like, I don’t want to carry out your toothbrush.  Or one sock.  Use boxes!

Just about everything got boxed, and carefully labelled as to the contents.   I’m kind of anal that way.


Which is probably why I had to start cutting down the cardboard in fairly short order.

I realise there seems to be a bit of a pile of bubble wrap there,  along with a mess of cardboard,  but that pile actually represents a smaller version of what there was before I started cutting it down to the “pick-up acceptable” sized pieces.  It has to fit into a blue box,  or at least into another box that the driver can manage.   This is one aspect that I miss about no longer working as a Caretaker.  I had access to all sorts of means of getting rid of stuff.  We had a “cardboard bin”,  and as long as the lid could be closed,  there was no worries about the size of the pieces.  We also had nice big dumpsters, for all the rest of the stuff that doesn’t seem to have a proper place.  I have a bunch of busted up bricks that were once flower bed edging. What the hell am I going to do with them? 

Speaking of proper receptacles.  We were a little mystified when the very clever driver decided that the bag of shredded paper couldn’t go with the rest of the recycling. 

There are these “recycling bags” available for just such an eventuality,  and rather than put the shredded paper in loose,  it makes sense (to me at least) to put it in the blue box in one of these “made to purpose” bags.

Here’s what the bags look like.  Pardon the French.



The other side is English, but that’s where the hole is.



They’re “see through”.  See?  So you know what’s in there.  Happens to be shredded paper.

But no.  “Unacceptable”.



So I guess next week I’ll just put it in my blue box loose,  and let’s just hope there’s not too much wind that day. 

I’m thinking of buying a leaf blower anyway.  I could always just blow it down the street.  No worse than the rest of the shit that’s blowing around on “recycle day”. 


I think I need to get me one of them jobs.  Apparently there’s not much “thinking” involved. 


We’re keeping the truck for the night,  which had more to do with the availability of able bodies helpers than the amount of stuff.  We’ll make one more trip tomorrow and then that should just about wrap things up. 


I think I’ll go scarf down a couple acetaminophen,  and maybe stretch out for a few minutes.


Keep it between the ditches.


Thanks for stopping in.





  1. We've helped too many people move. Do we want to do it again? NEVER! Have fun.

  2. Kinda reminds me of when we helped a couple and their 3 kids (all under 4 years old) move ... not only did they just carry out stuff from beneath the sink and stuff it in the back of the truck, but then we caravaned nearly 200 miles to their new home. I refused to take any of their kids with me in the car I was driving... a 3 year old boy and twin boys 2 years old. Obviously they weren't anal about order and neatness. That was 47 years ago and I still have nightmares about it!

  3. I believe shredded paper can go in your green compostables bin. Go figure! ............ Gunnar

  4. Gunnar is correct, it can go in the green compostables or you can put it in the blue box and then just put some heavier items on top, like cardboard an old telephone book or a stack of newspapers and that should hold it down.


  5. But why can't the shredded paper go in the blue is still being recycled???

    1. I think the driver didn't like the bag. I'm not sure. Next week it's going in loose.


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