Sunday, April 21, 2013

Some bunny to love.

Don’t take that literally.  But when they’re really young and helpless, it’s hard to just ignore bunnies on the loose.

Hence the chase:









Daughter Number Two had the knack for catching the little buggers.



“How’s he making out over there?”






So the thing is,  we have a nest in the garden (one that we know of)  and these little guys thought they’d make like Flopsy Mopsy and Cottontail*,  and go on a little adventure.   Too easily squished under a car tire, so there were no thought of “letting Nature take its course”.

They’ll probably end up as coyote fodder anyway,  but I don’t want to know about that,  and squished road-kill bunny would be bad.



Not sure why they had to reach *through* the fence?


I had this bright idea I do some more digging today,  if it ever warms up.  It’s sunny,  but only about 5°C.


He’s in there,  believe me.


And yes, the “garden” needs work.  “Garden” is the best word I can come up with.  “Mess” is a good word to describe it too I suppose.

That was the “excitement” for yesterday afternoon.  It’s come to this.


Have a fine Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by.





*Yes yes, I know.  They were the three bunnies who stayed home.  It was Peter who disobeyed.  We didn’t see him.


  1. Cute little bunnies. Hope the local cats don't get them. :(

  2. hmm, cute little bunnies. Ate a whole row of roses right down to the roots this winter. They are multiplying like...rabbits? I haven't a clue what to do about them. Cute, but still rodents. Like voles and squirrels, and yes...deer. I love wildlife in the wild, but in my garden not so much. It is what I get for living in the forest I guess and trying to grow roses or have a garden.

  3. When we had a 2 acre yard, too many times when mowing I realized there was a bunny nest - if you get my drift.

  4. Awww, now that's just plain cute!!

  5. Too cute :) I wouldn't get too excited about that garden though. Not as long as they're around :)

  6. Cute, maybe. If you love your flowers and veggies - not so cute. This year we are lucky and have a fox family with puppies nearby. This equalizes with less rabbits and other critters in my garden!
    Nature takes it's course. Well, there is always the danger of rabies.... dang!

  7. Such good people you are. Too cold to garden but at least you can recue bunnies.


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