Friday, April 19, 2013

No more window units.

It’s only taken us twenty years to get around to this,  but as the weather warms up in these parts,  I’m going to take great delight in not having to heft three different window air conditioners into their respective windows. 

All I have to do now,  is push a button.  

Eeeeeee.  It’s a little exciting.   Not only that,  but the units that were installed are also heat pumps,  which means that they could be used in addition to the boiler.

Right, see that’s the thing,  we have hydronic heating,  so therefore,  we ain’t got no ductwork.  Much to the dismay of those who would call from the duct cleaning companies,  looking to clean our duct work.   Once upon a time Daughter Number Two did have a bunny or two,  so my usual rejoinder was,  “Well,  we don’t have any ducks,  but we do have a couple bunny cages you can come and clean out.  Which is better for you,  afternoons or evenings?”  

That was usually met with stunned silence on the other end.  We would then continue the conversation just long enough for me to point out that in fact no,  we do not have any “duct work”.   Just bunnies.

Funnily enough,  there hasn’t been anyone calling to clean our duct work for a long,  long time.  Think the word got out?    “Don’t call that idiot,  he’ll just tie you up on the phone.”


So after at least three quotes (would have been a fourth,  but I never heard back from one guy.) and a certain amount of back and forth,  we decided to bite that bullet. 

One of the locations decided upon was going to be in the dining room.  We don’t normally keep a tarp on the buffet there,  that was what I had put there just to be on the safe side. 


I wasn’t going to move the buffet, since it’s loaded with dishes.

When the installers came in,  they added some more padding,  as well runners for up the stairs.  The second unit was going at the top of the landing,  with the pipes running out through the attic. 



The inside installation is easy peasy.  Hang the bracket,  drill a three inch hole,  sloping towards the outside for drainage,



hang the unit on the tabs,


and Bob’s yer Uncle.  


I did remove the tarp and bubble wrap later,  although I suppose it would do a good job of protecting the buffet.  Probably just as well I don’t live alone.

These units are made by Mitsubishi,  and the name of the line was possibly conceived by someone whose first language is NOT English.   Mr. Slim?

I’ll admit,  they don’t take up a lot of space. 

OK, whatever.  Let’s move on.


They set up camp in the driveway until it came time to install the compressor and lines in the back.







There was almost as much time spent trimming things out and making it look ‘pretty’ as anything else it seems.  Trying to get everything from looking like a dog’s breakfast was a challenge.  The compressor has to be at least 40” from the regulator on the gas meter,  so that was our chosen location.  I really like the idea that it’s up off the ground.  The bracket that mounts to the wall even had a built in spirit level.  I thought that was a nice touch.

So I don’t think the first bit of hot weather will be looked upon with the same sense of dread that I used to have.  I just have to wash out a couple filters maybe twice a year,  and replace the batteries in the remotes. 


The only slight annoyance?  It was a sunny but cool day,  and I ended up spending just a little too much time in the blazing sun.  Roasted my noggin’ just a tad.  Doesn’t hurt any more,  but I was feeling a bit hollowed out yesterday.  It might have been a touch of sun stroke.  Should have worn a hat,  but it was so nice to have some warm sunshine.  What a dough head.

I’m usually pretty careful,  but the weather has been the sh*ts for so long,  I guess I lost my mind.


Now that I don’t have to worry about fitting in air conditioners in the front window,  that’s going to be the next thing on the list. 


It was installed in 1958 when the house was built,  and although the structure itself is sound,  the concept isn’t.  The sliders there at the bottom are “sashless”,  and the only “R” value that they have,  is that there’s a second set on the inside.  I think oil was 6 cents a gallon in ‘58?  Not only that,  but the thermopanes above have had the biscuit.   I’m shopping for a supplier of cedar windows to match the other cedar casement windows I’ve put in so far.  I know that cedar has to be treated like any other woodworking project,  but I like it.  No vinyl for me,  thanks.

There’s a builder up in Sundridge,  and it would seem that they supply a lot of cedar windows for cottages in “Cottage Country”.   So we’ll see how I make out. 


I think that’s it for today’s missive.   I’m waiting to hear back from a fellow who wants to buy a trailer hitch that I’ve had kicking around here for a while,  so hopefully that pans out.

Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for lookin’.


  1. Nice job and finally you got it done. Now, just need the hoy weather to come along, soon? We hope, maybe after this weekend.

  2. I think I am going to adopt your phone style for cold callers:)

  3. Back when phones actually had hand sets, I would hang the phone on the back of a chair and let the guy on the other end read his whole script, before he actually asked for a response.... and found out he was talking to the dead air..... LOL We don't have any ducks here!!!! LOL

  4. Nice! Your back will certainly appreciate it! :c)


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