Thursday, April 18, 2013

A busy few days.

What is it, Thursday?  Man, fun sure flies when yer doing time. 

The ‘standing around waiting for people to finish running’ thing on Saturday morning was enjoyable I suppose.  I’ve done this sort of thing with other forms of racing,  on days when it’s not very pleasant out,  so I more or less knew what to expect.  Wore my toque.  Didn’t wear gloves but should have. 

It was about five degrees,  raining and blowing.  It was a bit of a challenge to hold an umbrella and take photos.  Especially after I started to lose feeling in my umbrella holding hand. 

I’ll choose not to include pictures of the intrepid souls who ran,  as those types of pictures aren’t necessarily all that flattering.  But you can get the idea.  I put some here,  but I took ‘em off.  Sorry.


It was a “five K” which,  for those of you unfamiliar with running terms,  is five kilometres.    There were others who had started the ‘ten K’,  and the winner of that race finished in the middle of the pack of the five K runners.  I thought that was quick.

Anyhoodle,  it was nice to go to brunch afterwards and not only get something to eat, but get warmed up.

Sunday was a bit of a blur.  I guess nothing much happened Sunday. 

Monday was a painting day at the new digs for Daughter Number Two and hubby.   My hand was a wee bit sore the next day.  I no longer do the copious amounts of masking off.  Instead,  I spent the day “cutting in”.   I can do that.  AND,  judging by the work of whoever painted before us,  better than that guy. 

Daughter Number Two wanted some of her own colours in their apartment,  rather than sticking with the off white/light grey that had just been done.  It was a colour,  but not much of a one.   It’s always easier to get painting done before moving in the furniture.


Later in the day we had some help from hubby’s sister,  which meant I didn’t have to do the crawling around as much.  





Oh,  I just remembered something that I did on Sunday.  Fun with the central vac.  Not the fault of the system by the way,  but simple operator error.  I was using a Swiffer that is getting on in years,  and part of the pad came loose and flew into the ‘floor sweep’ gizmo.   So I had to take that apart. 

Note the knee pads.


I put the whole system together,  so disassembly isn’t much of a trick.   This is when you find out if you buggered it up by gluing together the wrong bits.  There are a few parts in a central vac system that you do not glue together,  for just such an eventuality.  It’s not a question of “if” you need to take it apart,  but more a matter of “when”.


Lemme see.  Tuesday?  Right.  That was ‘toilet seat day’.   Well,  not the whole day.   But it was one of those ‘little jobs’ that I’ve been avoiding,  because I knew damned well what I had in store.  

Stupid toilet seat was loose,  and the stupid toilet seat bolts had rusted.  They’re not supposed to rust,  but the crap you buy these days is just that.  Crap.  

So that meant having to lob off the tops of the bolts with the reciprocating saw,  all the while not damaging the bowl.   Copious amounts of masking tape will usually stand up long enough to get it done.  Have to be patient though,  and let the tool do the work.  As soon as you start pushing too hard,  there will be trouble.

What would we ever have done before reciprocating saws?  I mean,  I do have one of those hack saw blade arrangements without the handle,  but it’s a bit of an abomination.




Hopefully these little tips are helpful.  You know, for whenever you have to remove toilet seat bolts without ruining the toilet seat.  

I mean,  who the heck takes pictures of their toilet bowl? 



There’s a slight hint of a scuff mark here and there,  but nothing major.  It was then off to Home Despot for some stainless hardware that was the proper length.  It might oxidize a tad,  but at least I can get a socket on each side for the next time.  Hopefully that next time is a long ways off.

Oh,  and THEN, yesterday, (Wednesday) we had our air conditioners installed,  but that’s a whole other set of pictures.  

Today is ‘put yer cr*p out to the curb’ day,  and we need to get busy. 

Um, I don’t think our municipality actually calls it that, but I have to use terms that I can remember.




Thanks for lookin’.




  1. Doesn't really sound like any of those "items" that you did would be on my "fun to do things list" other than the Sunday brunch that sounded good. Glad that you were able to get them all done and out of the way. Hopefully, you will have some nicer jobs on your next list.


  2. Got those to-do jobs under way, always something to do.
    Now you just keep on having more fun!

  3. So now do we have to call you 'Mr Fix It"? Love the green paint color.

  4. Sounds like life to me. Such lovely chores.

  5. Painting and repairing Toilet seats sound like a lot of fun. NOT. But good for you that you got it done.

  6. I thought toilet seat bolts now days came with plastic or fiber hand turn nuts..... Spin them up by hand so they aren't overly tight and they won't rust either...

    But that is because no one will spring for the price of stainless.. Well except Bob, LOL

  7. I just tightened the bolts on a loose toilet seat and they were indeed plastic! Unfortunately, the older toilet in the back still has metal bolts so we will probably face the same problem one of these days.

  8. I have the plastic bolts in the motorhome. They just spin around and don't ever really tighten. Who would have thought a toilet discussion would garner so many comments?

  9. Never realized you were such a handyman, Bob. Good job - especially on the toilet!

  10. Wow, think of all the money you saved doing it yourself! Such beautiful pictures of the loo, too!


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