Monday, April 22, 2013

A trip to the airport, and meet my new “friend”.

And no,  I’m not seeing new people when Travelling Companion is away.  She flew off to Edmonton this morning.  I’ve been to Edmonton.  It was when the weather was warmer.  Just sayin’.

She’s hopeful that this will be the very last time she has to travel for The Company that Cannot be Named.  She’ll be in Edmonton for the week.   Something to do with what I would refer to as “hand holding”.  I’m not going to go there.  I might hurt someone’s feelings.

Anyhoodle,  after much deliberation, ciphering and general consternation,  it was decided that we would no longer have our grass cut by anyone but little ole me.   It’s not like I’m a stranger to this activity.  I’ve cut my share of grass over the years.  Did it ever since we moved in here in ‘92.   But then T.C. and I spent about a year in Puerto Rico back around 01/02,   and the grass didn’t stop growing, so we got a service.  We moved back in 03,  but Bob was a big baby and kept the service,  which meant that,  when we once again moved away,  this time to Europe,  we already had someone.  That was lucky,  eh?

Well, as the service got worse right along with the price, we swapped out one provider for another, and then another. So rather than end up paying a lot of money for lack lustre results, I’m just going to go back to cutting my own damned grass, and be done with it.


So I bought me a “Toro”. 


Guaranteed to start!  

Damn, there’s go that excuse.

Mind you,  there are conditions to that whole guarantee.  You’re supposed to bring it in for *service*. 


But here’s the thing.  Run it dry in the fall, and don’t keep the fuel hanging around all winter. Instead, if you have any left over gas, pour it into a vehicle and use it up,  AND only use 91 octane fuel with no Ethanol.   With no Ethanol.

The young chap at the place where I bought it, tells me that Shell has 91 octane gas without Ethanol. I don’t normally buy my fuel at Shell, but I guess I’ll be buying my fuel for the mower there.  Whatever. 

Ethanol is the bane of small engines,  by the way.  If you want your small engine to run right year after year,  stay away from it.  There, you’re welcome.

Here’s some further reading on the problems with Ethanol.



Just heard from T.C.  She’s in Edmonton and was on her way out to the plant.  She gained two hours,  which makes for an even longer day.  We left for the airport at 6:30, so you can do the math.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. I'll be right there with you doing my fair share of grass cutting this summer as well!

  2. You can buy gas without ethanol? Not down here below the medicine line.... Almost all gas has ethanol by law... But I use Stabil for ethanol in almost all small engine gas cans... That has kept me out of the service bay for some time... Still drain them at the end of the season.. for best results....

  3. You are absolutely correct that ethanol is the enemy of small engines. Starting to see more and more gas stations carrying non-ethanol gas at least one pump, at a premium price...of course!

    I use it in my scooters, much cheaper than replacing carbs.

  4. So far we have hired out the grass cutting but now that we are down to one grass patch and much smaller we may have to rethink the situation.

    As to TC, well at least it has stopped snowing in Edmonton, where I was born and my family still resides.

  5. Your little Toro looks much like the small Lawn Boy I bought last year. Welcome to push-mower-ville for the summer!


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