Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The next phase.

There are some things for which I am eternally grateful.  Well,  actually there are many things,  but I’ll try not to get side tracked.

As I was motoring home just now,  I realised just one more thing for which I am eternally grateful and that is,  that I don’t have to drive this POS any where except roughly the 12 kilometres or so to Daughter Number Two’s new digs in Oakville.


And no,  I don’t mean the one on the right.

Jaysus,  what a hunk of junk.  And I’m pretty sure they’re all that way, because the last one I had to drive was even worse. 

That last one,  was a used U-Haul that one of my former brothers-in-law decided to buy,  and then drove all the way from here to Prince George, B.C.   I only drove the thing home from where he bought it,  and I was already tired,  so I have no idea how he managed it.  It was worse than this one sitting in our driveway.

Anyhoodle,  I may have more to say about the whole experience when and if I get around to it. 

It’s gonna be fun!



Oh,  and by the way,  the lawn mower is self propelled.

There was a comment the other day from Mr. Doyle out there on the left coast about “pushing a mower” or something.   

Well let me tell ya!   There’s no “pushing” to speak of.  How shall I put this?   It’s well….awesome!

Cutting the grass was,  dare I say, almost an enjoyable experience!   I never thought I would have such a notion enter my head,  let alone put it in print.   I should have ponied up the extra dough for a self propelled mower years ago.  It’s some sort of system that will go as fast or as slow as you like,  all depending on how hard you ease into the bar at the front.  The only annoyance was having to turn to go back and forth.   Well,  that and the lawn has gotten a lot bumpier than I remember from the last time I cut it.  Gonna have to sort that out at some point.  It’s nasty.

The previous mower that we had was indeed a Lawn Boy,  which was a fine mower and all,  except for the mixing of gas *fumes* and the fact that it had to be pushed.  There’s a whole story there as to how we ended up with that thing,  but it matters not at the moment.

And of course,  since it stunk and had to be pushed,  nobody else in the family was overly motivated to help out in the grass cutting department.  Even though we shared it three ways.  That was more of a chore than the actual cutting.  By that I mean,  the part where I had to motivate a daughter to actually get out there and do her share.  Not mentioning any names.  


OK so,  Daughter Number two and Hubby just walked in the door with some dinner.   Gotta feed the driver of the POS after all.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. Good call not following in Mr. Doyle's footsteps with a manual push mower. He's an evil influence... ;c)

  2. March to your own drummer, my man...march...

  3. Self propelled is awesome, but a riding mower is even awesomer. (is there such a word?)

  4. If you look up junk in the dictionary, there is a picture of a u-haul truck:)


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