Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Something must have ‘blowd up’.

Is it Wednesday?

And yes,  we’re still here.   We’re just having some connectivity issues.


Everything basically went by the wayside on Monday night at around 10 p.m., and since the internet goes down just about once a day anyway in Wienerland,  I figured it was no big deal.   Nothing was happening again on Tuesday,  so I was beginning to wonder.

This is the point at which I have to bolster my courage and get on the phone. *groan*

UPC (the internet chimps)  do have something they like to call the “Helpline”.  Mind you,  it should be more along the lines of “sit on the phone for a while” line,  and I would have gladly taken a little video of that and posted it,  except that I have no way of first uploading such a thing,  and then later embedding it in the blog.

Anyway, you can well imagine that this isn’t exactly something I like to do in an English speaking country,  so wandering into the labyrinth of ‘pushing one for this’ and ‘two for that’ in German isn’t really my first choice of a fun activity to while away the time.  Admittedly, if my eyes start to blink uncontrollably and I think my brain is going to overload,  all I have to do is hang up.   But of course,  that would mean starting over again,  presuming that I could get anywhere in the first place. 

Lo and behold,  they’re having “technical difficulties”.   No kidding.  Oh,  and the really fun bit?   If you’d like,  you can “visit us on line”.   Um,  hello?  How’s that supposed to work?   If I could get on line,  your website would be the last one I’d be visiting.   Honestly.


I don’t remember all of the different versions of the same message, and I’ve called a few times by now to see if anything has changed.  The most recent one had something to do with “Shaden”  (damages)  and “Wir bitten Sie um Ihre Verständnis”.  (We ask for your understanding)



Now I know there have been stories lately of some thievery when it comes to copper, so I wonder if somebody yanked out some lines somewhere?   Whatever happened,  it sucks.    If I get around to it,  I’ll be posting this from the Café downstairs.  

Admittedly there are wifi hotspots all over the city,  but I don’t want to go wandering around looking for a connection.   Besides,  I’m reasonably certain this is just about the coldest it’s ever been here,  and it’s only going to get colder as the week goes by.   Fun.  Wow.


Speaking of which,  I’ve just now noticed (since I’m at the moment in the café) that a few folks have died from the cold here in Europe.   So my little internet problems start to take on their true insignificance.   I’ll shut-up now.


There may be some gaps.


Please.  Stand. By.


Oh, and thanks for lookin’.




  1. When our Verizon went out, we heard the exact same words you did...You can help yourself fix your issue by visiting us on the web at.... How dumb can one company be? Once we got a REAL person, we couldn't understand her. Paul asked for a supervisor and of course..."I cannot do that." GIVE ME A BREAK!

  2. amazing how we all depend so much on the internet..and then when it is having 'technical difficulties' out!!..glad to see you are up and on line once again!!

  3. 7Sternbräu on Siebensterngasse has wifi and good beer. The staff there are also the right mix of bring you a beer fairly quickly and leave you alone to surf until you raise your empty beer glass. If you go during midday it is also pleasantly quiet and you can watch the brewer brew from the bar.

    I have had some problems with slow T-mobile mobile internet the last couple days so perhaps the technicians have frozen somewhere.

  4. It is sad that most folks experience with "help lines" is the exact opposite of help:(

  5. How frustrating it can be. Makes you feel cut off from the rest of the world also. Glad your back on line and hope it stays resolved.

  6. frustrating to say the least...there seems to be no customer service in this world of ours any more...:( visit us online is a common one for sure esp when the internet is down..hang in there can only get better


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