Monday, February 20, 2012

Just checking in.

Been feeling just about as creative as a post over the last few days.   Hence the big hole where normally I would tend to blather on.

Travelling Companion and I have been in an ever so slight funk,  since we had one of ‘those’ phone calls again last Thursday morning.

The phone tends to scare the bejeepers out of me when it rings anyway,  and of course if it happens to “go off”  at six a.m.,  then that’s never a good thing.   Probably not even something I should mention on the blog,  but it did involve a death and stirred up some not so very nice memories of a similar event that occurred just before we were due to move over here.   Is that obtuse enough?  

I don’t want to get into trouble over names and dates and that kind of thing.  Have to keep those cards close to the chest!


So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 

Life goes on here,  and this week finds T.C. spending the entire week away over in jolly old England.   Something to do with trying to sort out some accounting nonsense.  Again,  that too must remain a bit of a mystery.  Geez,  I don’t really say much,  do I?

Hopefully the weather cooperates.   It’s been a wee bit nasty in those parts lately and thankfully we’ve had a bit of a reprieve,  throughout Europe.

Of course that meant heading off to the airport at some time around 7:30 a.m. or so,  and the traffic was surprisingly good,  with the exception of what I at first thought was some sort of mishap,  but just turned out to be a tow truck doing a little “clean up”.    Taking a quick shot through the windshield into the sun doesn’t produce the best results,  but just click the pic and squint a little.

He has one car already in tow,  and has picked up the other one and has set it on the deck.  Of course,  that means that he has to take up two of the three lanes. 


Had we been five minutes later I’m sure he would have cleared off.

When the sign says to move your car by a certain time,  they ain’t kidding.

I think ‘that time’ was probably seven, but I’m not really sure.   Nor do I care.  It gets ever so slightly dicey when folks leave their cars parked too long on certain thoroughfares,  especially if you’re booting it along in what should be the outside lane, and suddenly there’s a car there in front of you.  Not that I would ever do that. So I don’t feel sorry for the owners of these vehicles in the least.   Silly buggers.

Other than that.  I got nothin’.   It’s kind of sunny and above freezing.  This is good.

Keep it between the ditches.


Thanks for lookin’.





  1. You mean they were parked there? I thought maybe there had been a wreck that was being cleaned up. Sorry about the phone call. I easily panic when the phone rings at a time it shouldn't be ringing.

  2. We're not normal. We don't have a telephone. Well, we have one, but it hasn't been turned on for about 5 months now. It's for emergencies only, and it would probably cost a fortune in Canadian roaming fees if we had to use it!

  3. You Man of Enigma! Always teasing us with your mysteries. Well, death isn't cheery, usually, and if it left you and a spy ... I MEAN TC ... funked out it wasn't good news of an evil relative who left you everything.

    The Good Luck Duck

  4. What are you going to do with all your time now that T.C. is gone for the week? ~wheresweaver

  5. so sorry to hear of the phone call...when ours rings my heart races...that early in the morning is usually always bad news....take care....


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