Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It was bound to happen.

And I’m not talking about winter either.  It’s here. 

The following is so you can feel smug.


And… you’re welcome.


There’s no question about winter I’m afraid.  No, I’m talking about the snow.  We finally got ours.  We’ve been quite fortunate so far.   Not anymore.



This was pretty much the situation last night already,  and it did continue to snow off and on throughout the night,   making the roads ever so slightly greasy.

Which of course meant that muggins here would be doing the chauffeuring this morning. 



I don’t mind too much I suppose.  It’s not like I have a busy schedule or anything.   I did however insist that there would be no working until 9:00 p.m. like last night!  


I’m just putting up pictures here since well,  I have them.   So why not?

Temperature wise it’s slightly warmer than it was yesterday,  with the thermometer climbing to a balmy -7°C.

Which reminds me,  there’s this card game called “Bullshit”,  which I don’t think I’ve ever played,  but it has to do with bluffing,  and whether or not you believe what your opponent is telling you.   If you don’t believe me,  that’s fine,  but just click the link.   It’s also called “Cheat”,  but that doesn’t have the same sort of “calling a person out”  effect I find.

Anyway, as I mentioned, the roads this morning were pretty gol durned greasy,  and during the ride back home,  the radio station I was listening to had phoned the head honcho from whatever branch of government it is that looks after clearing the roads,  and basically asked him why the roads hadn’t been cleared?  I don’t think they picked up on the fact that this chimp was being condescending,  but he basically said that it was too cold for the salt to work properly, at which point I said out loud,  “Bullshit!”.    Because that’s precisely what it was!


Admittedly in the Canadian prairies where it gets down to ridiculous temperatures, then salt or brine is no longer effective,  but there’s just too much residual thermal mass here in the city.  Sorry doofus,  that one won’t fly.  At least not with anyone who has had to remove snow from time to time.   Hello?

The fact of the matter is,  when we were out last night at 9:30 p.m.,  there hadn’t been one bit of work started to clear the streets.   Trust me when I say this,  you cannot wait until after rush hour to start working on snow plowing.   Even if they had started at 3:00 a.m., the traffic would work with the brine on the road surfaces,  and that would have gone a long way to clearing things up.  

We’ve had this sort of nonsense (I was going to say “bullshit” again,  but I don’t want to over do it) in our neighbourhood back home,  where they’ve started the clean up way too late,  and it just creates so many problems it’s not funny.   I think possibly someone,  somewhere was trying to make some sort of point?   And that would be since there are all sorts of “austerity programs”  that are in the works.   Just a theory. 

Not only is Europe in a deep freeze temperature wise,  but so are their finances.

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves on that one.


I do have to say though,  walking like a penguin?  Not really heaps of fun.  There was really no particular type of footwear that would mitigate the sloppiness of the sidewalks.   Or the potential for slipping on my melon.  Hence the penguin walk.



At this point it was already mid morning.  This should have been cleared already.  Just saying.


Having griped about this up to this point,  let me just say this.   It’s no big deal.

And here’s why:  We’re not in Sarajevo.

And how do I know about the conditions in Sarajevo?   And why would I mention it?   

Well,  communication these days is sometimes a wondrous thing.   Yesterday evening,  I got a call from Daughter Number Two,  who was just calling to chat,  probably thinking that her Mother was home,  but whatever.   And I mentioned that I had seen something (I think it was in an exchange on Facebook,  but I’d really rather not admit to that)  about it being unseasonably warm in them thar parts (like,  plus freakin’ TEN degrees??)  and she proceeded to relate to me a little chat that she had had with our neighbour from across the street.   (that’s a Google maps link by the way,  knock yerself out).  See,  he and his family are originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina,  and he had been talking with his Dad who still lives in Sarajevo,  and apparently,  they still haven’t been able to dig themselves out from all the snow they’ve been getting!  

Were talking avalanches.  Chaos!  Cats and dogs living together!   Just crazy.

Well,  maybe the “cats and dogs” bit is an exaggeration,  but you know what I mean.

Here’s a snippet from an article here,

“In Sarajevo, more than 3 feet of snow fell on Saturday, closing roads and public transportation.”

(Sometimes links “expire” after a time,  so I prefer to copy and paste a relevant slice.)

So….that was just on “Saturday”?   Like,  you mean,  all in one day?  Three feet?  Wuf.   For those of you who prefer metres,  that’s almost a metre.  


With that,  I shall leave you with what I’d like to call, the “heartbreaking photo of the day”.   Wonder if I’d win a contest?




But these will all just be such fond memories though,  won’t they??


Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. Gad...it is 60 here and I am cold. You just made me shiver from those pictures!
    We have played the card game, Bitch, many times. It is really fun.


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