Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Monday.

Big Whoop.

As can be seen by the complete lack of ‘reportage’,  one might surmise that there really and truly was nothing to write home about.

And there wasn’t.

Saturday morning Travelling Companion dropped a few Euros at the hair salon.  That is all.  Something to do with hair colour.  I don’t have much hair left to colour,  even if I thought it were necessary,  so it’s not a subject that I’d ever attempt to broach. 

We’ve actually had a couple days of half decent sunshine,  although the temperature hasn’t really been all that delightful.


This was Saturday morning:



Don’t be fooled,  it was nippy.


Today we’re having a bit of a heat wave,  with the temperature getting up to a balmy -1°C.   So the work was resumed over at the crazy unsafe worksite.  (well,  that’s my take on it)


There was a question on Thursday about the meatloaf?  Something to do with sauce,  or some such thing.  The answer is basically NO,  there’s no sauce to speak of other than a half teaspoon of Worcestershire Sauce,   but even that could be left out.  It’s really just a honkin’ big hamburger,  since all the ingredients seem to be mostly the same.   T.C. wasn’t too keen on me sautéing the onions first,  but after I explained my reasoning,  I think she’s OK with it.  I basically still have that “eat what’s on your plate”,  and I don’t think I should have to explain that.    Even though the onions are warm when added to the meat,  the whole thing is then shoved into a 190°C oven,  so I’m not too concerned with any kind of “food safe”  zone or anything.   Do you think she forgot about those years I spent working in the restaurant business?  Just wondering.   Not that that was anything more than making pizzas,  roast beef sandwiches or operating a deep fryer.  We’re not talking “four star” here.   More like,  “How was our average drive thru time today?”

Just sayin’.


And that kids,  as they say,  is that.


Thanks for stopping by.





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