Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meteorological Terms.


I can’t really decide is it’s “snotty”,   “really snotty”,  or just perhaps “crappy”  with “snotty intervals”.    Otherwise known as “snotty bits”,  but that could have another meaning.

When I went out earlier,  it was only somewhat “shitty”,  and has just now gotten worse.   Maybe I have my terms mixed up.  

All I know is,  it could be better.   The cold?  Meh, I can bundle up for it.  Rain?  I have rain gear.   Cold AND rainy?   Not keen.   My mitties get wet.   You know,  “mitties”,  rhymes with kitties?   Actually it has to be heaps colder for me to wear hand accoutrements of any kind,  which is another way of saying that, on days like this anyway, my hands get cold.


It was nicer the other day when I took this one:

That’s a really pitiful segue to a picture I know,  but it’s the only way I can get it in there,  along with all the others.


I tried getting a shot of the moon and one of the planets.  I think it’s Jupiter,  since Venus is over to the lower right.   I was able to see it later when it was darker,  but couldn’t seem to get a pic that was half ways decent.  

Click on it or squint.  You chose.

The longer lens I have on the Nikon is actually from an F70, which is a “film” camera (and a damned fine one too)  so the body of the D40 and the lens don’t actually “talk” to each other.  That means muggins here is relying on his feeble eye sight to do the focusing.   I’m too cheap to simply go out and buy a proper lens.  At least for the time being.

These didn’t turn out too bad though.  Sort of.


Flying the friendly skys.

Is it just me,  or do they look like they’re having fun?   Try it.  Click on one of the pictures and then say,  “Weeeee”.   It works. 

OK,  maybe it only works for me.




You can see though where I might have some ever so slight issues with focussing on stuff if you take a gander at this one (below) that I took when I spotted another crane that sprang up last week.   Can’t seem to have too many pictures of cranes.  And I don’t mean the feathered kind either.

It looks all fine and dandy until you take a closer look.

Note the folks outside getting some sun in the lower right corner of the frame. 

Click on it!  Do it!

That was a rare day last week when it got up to something like 14°C.  I’ve not seen anyone sitting up there since.   Sunbathing or otherwise.


Speaking of planets, and the ones that we can see,  if you happen to look to the Eastern sky right around sundown,  you can’t help but also notice Mars,  which appears as an orange ‘star’ about half way up the sky.  There’s probably some technical way of describing that,  with words like “azimuth”  or something,   but just stick your head out there.   Sunset.  Eastern sky. You’ll see it.  Trust me.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll reminisce about our tiny little excursion on Sunday.  That would be the Sunday from two days ago,  when we saw the skaters?   There was more.

My earlier attempt at a segue was the only one I had.


Thanks for lookin’.




  1. Sunbathing in winter coats. Not quite my idea of how it's supposed to be done. The night sky has been incredible for about the last week.

  2. On Thursday, we leave here and will be at Fort Davis on Friday. Can't wait to go to the Star Gazing party at the Observatory on Saturday night. Paul nor I know much about the stars. This will be great. I might actually be able to pick out Mars. ~wheresweaver

  3. can't have wet mittens that is for sure!!..hang in there Bob..spring is around the corner!!!

  4. A little too cool for sunbathing as far as I'm concerned.

    I've kind of forgotten what little I ever knew about the stars!


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