Thursday, February 16, 2012

Arizona winds?

I’m sure it’s not the way it works,  but it seems like every time I read about the wind blowing like crazy in West Texas,  Arizona or California,  we seem to get high winds a couple days later.  I’m sure it’s just some sort of coincidence,  but a notable one.

I’ve never been able to find a workable website to track pressure systems since moving to Europe,  whereas when we were in Puerto Rico,  I could follow depressions coming off the coast of Africa.   Depending on the conditions,  they’d sometimes turn into tropical storms and then hurricanes.   Being on an island in the Caribbean,  it’s good to know these things.  

Here though,  I find that I’m just ever so slightly oblivious.  I mean,  I can tell you that it’s getting warmer on the weekend,  that kind of thing.   But,  is there a big ole thunder cloud off the coast of Spain?   I haven’t a clue.



So I had to go out and sort out my half-assed bird feeder this morning.   I don’t seem to get anything other than these big ugly crow like things that come to feed.  Not sure what they are.    I’ve seen a few chickadees,  but they don’t really hang around much.  Not even over at my neighbour’s,  and she seems to have many things for them to choose from.   I haven’t really bothered.  Did I mention “half-assed”?   Right.


Anyhoo,  I guess I haven’t had really too danged much to say in the last few days since well,  we’re just muddling along.   Just doing our time.  Trust me,  if anything exciting happens,  and I’m permitted to share,  I will.  I just have to keep certain cards close to my chest is all.


On the “social” front,  and you may get snippets of this in your neck of the woods,  although I doubt it,  it’s once again time for the “Opera Ball”.   Oh,  and I wasn’t referring to my social life.  I don’t have one.



You can see they’ve set up a tent there on the one side,  and then some sort of grand entrance arrangement out front.  (the red thing).

When I drove by there yesterday morning (yes,  I’ve been chauffeuring again.  *sigh*) the lads who were doing the set-up at the front there, were handling some extra large sheets of plywood,  and it was pretty danged windy.   My only thought was,  “OK,  just let me get past here before the wind catches that sheet and drives it through my windshield.”   I have no desire to get that replaced again,  not to mention trying to have my severed head re-attached. 


It’s the same silliness every year.   Probably good for the economy though,  if you think about it,  since there’s certainly a few Euros involved here.   If you’re really desperate to read up on the whole thing,  I’ve sniffed out a link here.  Knock yourself out.   It’s big business,  but that should come as no surprise.

I just have to remember when I pick up Travelling Companion this afternoon that we will NOT be going around the Ring to get home.  We’ll take the boring old Gürtel I’m afraid. 


That’s it for today’s missive.  Lucky you. 


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. lucky ?...not so much!..we are just muddling along too!..darn winter!!

  2. Crows drive us crazy also. We put out a hummingbird feeder, and they try to get some of the liquid. They are so dumb! When we don't get the birds we hope for, we have to change the food. I use to buy the cheap Walmart brand but did find the little bit more expense ones do the trick. Good luck with the birds.

  3. Well, it wasn't the Arizona wind that came through here in Yuma, it was rain! Yes, we heard raindrops this morning. It was awful! The lawn chairs got damp! What to do? What to do? LOL

  4. I doubt we have any Opera season here in the FL panhandle:)

  5. Bob, you're such a man of mystery! Cosmopolitan, yet approachable, with your devil-may-care attitude and your cards close to your chest. Plus, an incognito +1 known only as Traveling Companion. It's all so European! I'll bet other cultures think Americans are way too share-y, don't they?

    The Good Luck Duck

  6. I would love to be a fly on the wall during the ball.....must be lots of stuff going on.


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