Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Can I say it’s shocking?

Will this seem like, “bait and switch"?  Will you be annoyed? 

The next question though is,  will I care?

This isn’t about presidential hopefuls,  or Harper’s trip to China.   No,  this is about the fact that I discharge static electricity at an alarming rate,  and it’s really getting to be somewhat annoying.   Thankfully we have hardwood flooring,  and not nylon carpet,  or I’m reasonably certain I would just spontaneously combust.

I have to remember to discharge myself when I get out of the car,  and try not to forget when I come in the door,  otherwise it’s *snap*,  very quickly followed by “Ow….sonofa….%&*##$!!”.   I’m not sure if I’m more annoyed that I forget,  or that it happens.    I don’t even know how it’s being generated outdoors,  which is part of the reason why it comes as such a surprise.   Well,  I suppose it would “come as a shock”,  but that would just be too lame.


Other than that breaking news,  it’s Wednesday.   Big whoop.

Here’s your daily dose:



And yes,  I was chauffeur again today.   I was back home again by 7:20.   Somebody woke up at 3:00.   Somebody then thought they’d like to get to work early.   I think we need a change of pace.


And yup,  they’re still going on about our less than ideal weather.


The sun did come out and it got up into the single digits.  (um, below freezing though…)

This is going to be mercifully short.   You’re welcome.


Here’s hoping it’s just peachy keen wherever  you are.


Thanks for lookin’.




  1. ummm....your just HOT STUFF Bob...:) have a good hump day!!!

  2. Elaine stole my words......I was going to now we'll just call you "HOT STUFF" !! You the man!!

  3. I believe it's because of your electrifying personality.

  4. Maybe there is some good news in this. Maybe you could get an alternative energy grant from our idiot government:)

  5. Yours was a shocking blog to read this morning. We can only hope that you can discharge the voltage before engaging in human contact. Yikes!
    All the best.


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