Friday, July 2, 2010

Things that make you say, "what the ...??"

Once in a while I have one of those moments when I do a double take,  or I wonder just what the thought process might be.  It may have a lot to do with living in a big city, not sure.  Maybe anyone who has lived in say Toronto or Calgary has those moments?
Mostly it has to do with the way people dress,  or the way they drive.  It depends.

Today I'd like to share a couple with you.   Mostly because they both came to my attention on the same day,  and we need a couple brand new categories for these two.

Our neighbours up here on the top of the building seem to take great delight in lugging all manner of plant life up the stair case and plonking it on their terrace.  Um,  we have the elevator,  but half the shit they have up there won't fit in the elevator.  Hence the lugging  and spilling of dirt outside our doorway,  but let's not go there.

They've got quite the garden going on over there.

We got nothin'.

Like I care.

Anyway,  today as I'm putting out a couple things on my temporary clothes line,  as I do most Fridays,  I hear something going on up above,  and it looked at first as though they actually had a couple gardeners up there rooting around.

At which time I said,"what the ...?"

So now you need some help looking after all the plant life you dragged up here?

Well no,  turns out it wasn't exactly gardeners,  but a couple sprinkler installation dudes, setting up some sort of watering system for the "green thumb people".  *snort*

Right.  It's more like,  now you've discovered that watering everything is too much of a chore.   (rolling my eyes here...)

Hey,  what ever floats yer boat.  Good for the economy I suppose.  You also have to realise that these people haven't really been here all that much longer than we have,  and they've got this whole landscape program going on.

Once again,  I'd like to point out that,  we got nothin'.  It works for me.

Now,  item number two:

We do get our fair share of junk mail.  It comes both at the door and in the mailbox.  I don't get too bent out of shape over it,  since I look on it as some sort of language learning exercise,  and leave it at that.

There's the usual stuff involving the local stores and the specials they have on offer,  as well as any pizza joints that might want to deliver to your door.  That kind of thing.

Then there was this one....

Go ahead.  Click on it.

I've photo shopped out some of the information,  since I'm not about to promote their business,  and none of the photos remaining are too salacious (unless you turn over to the other side....Once again,  we won't go there)

I see no need for any translations....
...except that a "Landkarte"  is a driving map...(so you won't get lost)

Now really,  I'm not that much of a prude,  but I'm pretty sure my mouth flopped open when I went through today's junk mail.  I guess I just hadn't seen a door to door flyer of this nature.  I mean,  there are those guys on Las Vegas Boulevard handing out little cards to the Chicken Ranch,  but well,  you just kind of walk around them...

My very first impression when driving into the Czech Republic was the number of hookers at the side of the road waving at me,  but now there are flyers??


I'm done.   Got nothing else.

Talk amongst yourselves.


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