Friday, July 9, 2010

The Great Spy Caper.

Seems like there's not a day goes by,  when we read about or hear about something happening in town.
Seriously.   If it isn't a visit from the Russian President,  or visiting opera stars,  there's always a spy exchange to fill any news voids.
Of course,  we're most often blissfully unaware until after the fact.

To wit:

'New spirit' approval as Vienna hosts US-Russian spies exchange

Political experts praised the "new spirit" between Washington and Russia as one of the most spectacular espionage cases came to an end in Vienna today (Fri).

US officials arrived with ten suspected spies – 10 men and one women – to Vienna International Airport (VIA) around midday, while a plane from Moscow carried four suspected male American spies.

Mark Toner, a spokesman for the US foreign affairs ministry, defended the controversial exchange with Russia. Speaking about the arrests of the alleged agents two weeks ago, he said: "Keeping them arrested would not have meant higher interior safety."

Rudolf Gollia, a spokesman for the Austrian interior ministry, said he could not comment on the agreement between the former enemies. Gollia explained neither the Austrian government nor the country’s interior security authorities got involved.

International relations analysts meanwhile lauded today’s 90-minute exchange as a confirmation that the relation between the United States and Russia were better than ever before.


So happens, it ain't exactly Hooterville.


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