Tuesday, July 27, 2010


There hasn't been too danged much going on over the last what?  week or so?  Sorry,  but if there's not much to say,  I'm not about to make you move your eyes back and forth for nothing.  Trust me,  I've tried to read some of the drivel that people put on blogs,  and most of it is just bloody awful.
I won't allude to the overwhelming amount that comes out of a particular part of the North American continent,  but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Meanwhile there have been a few emails back and forth between yours truly and upcoming visitors.

We got 'em stacked in a holding pattern.

The folks that will be arriving Thursday night are currently in Manchester,  where I understand long trousers and umbrellas are de rigueur ,  since the weather there has been pretty crappy for the last few days.  We've just had a heat wave here,  that is thankfully now over,  and in spite of a weekend of rain,  things are looking up.  This is good.  It sucks to have visitors with shitty weather.  So sorry for the people in Manchester.
Personally,  had we moved to Birmingham,  I may very well have done myself in by this point.

 Bwana Crun (me) needs sunlight.

On a side note,  now I understand why they have all those cheap flights to places like Majorca,  since the Brits have to get a dose of sun from time to time.   That might also partly explain that whole "British Empire" thing as well?  Just a thought.

In a couple weeks time,  the next set of visitors will be coming in from Slovenia.   No,  they're not in Slovenia at the moment.  They're in Canada,  but Vienna will be the final leg of their journey.
Thing is,  they'll be arriving at the Meidling train station on a Thursday evening.  Personally,  I had never been there.  A few Sundays ago,  we thought we'd venture out in the car to scope it out,  but not having done quite enough research,  we didn't really do very well.
It was a nice evening for a drive,  even though we didn't find the train station.

 Instead,  I decided today to hop on the subway and take a gander.   Hence the term, "recon".   I really needed to know if there was any chance at all of arriving there by car,  finding some place to park and fetching our travellers.


 No really doable.  They have no such things as a "kiss and ride"  or even a parking area that you have to pay for.

I'd be willing to pay,  really.
Nothing.  A few bus parking spots,  spots for taxis and that's it.  So unless our visitors know exactly which way to come out and we time it to the second,  there's no way I'll try that one with the car.
Besides,  at a certain time in the evening,  everyone who has to find a spot to park on the street has already staked their claim for the night,  so finding street parking within a reasonable distance is also out of the question. 
 It's about a twenty minute subway ride.  Part of it is above ground,  so at least that's some consolation.

I should mention though,  that just about every means of transportation is available from that particular train station.  There's a bus that goes directly to the airport,  along with subway,  streetcar and regular busses.

 It's just not overly car friendly.

 No complaints from my end.

Oh,  and by the way,  it's on "Oak" street.


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