Friday, July 16, 2010

Dude! Don't jump!

Admittedly I haven't seen too much odd behaviour that can be directly attributed to our present heat wave.
Please note the use of the words, "directly attributed".
And by the way,  the only place within a thousand kilometres of here that's actually hotter than Wienerland,  is Tunisia.


When I say we're the hottest spot in Europe,  I'm not talking about the night life.  I mean,  we're the hottest spot in Europe.
They say it's going to approach 40°C today.

Wowsers.  Can't wait!

What I have noticed though is that at the end of the day,  people who are in roof top apartments do tend to need to get outdoors.  Again,  it's that whole lack of air conditioning situation.

Which brings me to this guy:

It's moments like these when I'm almost glad I don't have a better tele-photo,  since I'm pretty sure we're close enough,  thanks.

Guess he got home and the place was just boiling,  and he couldn't take it any longer.
Admittedly,  he did keep his underwear on.  Boxers might have been preferable. My first recommendation to the guy might be though,  to get a hair cut!

I'd sooner see you with shorter hair,  than see you in your underwear.

Any similarities to Theodore Geisel are purely coincidental.

I certainly have nothing against long hair.  I had shoulder length hair and a Jesus beard at one point many,  many years ago.  About mid July though,  when the sweat was trickling down my chin,  it had to come off.  All of it.
It works wonders on the cooling front.  Trust me.

Now,  speaking of things getting a tad warm,  I noticed the other day that my laptop was getting a little warm on the lap.   (it's supposed to be on your lap, right?   Hence the name?)

Back at Christmastime I think it was,  I purchased an el-cheapo platform thingy that the computer sits on,  that has a couple little built in fans that run off a USB port.  I guess in moving the thing around several times a day,  the plug gave up the ghost,  and it would only work if I held it in place hard enough to make my finger turn white.
Not really a viable option.

Once in a while I actually relish the idea of having some little thing or other that needs to be fixed.  Do we need to get into some discussion again about pre-historic man?  Some sort of "fix-it" gene?   I don't know.  I can't really explain it.  I just go with it.

So I managed to take the thing apart without breaking it,  ditch the offending inoperable parts,  hard wire it back together and "Bob's yer Uncle!"   (and for at least a couple of you I know that to be true)
I now once again have a somewhat cooler lap....and laptop.

Keep it between the ditches.


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