Monday, July 12, 2010

My poor Dutch friends.

So close,  but yet so far.
As Jerry Seinfeld once said,  "coming in second is like being the first of the losers"

And no sorry,  but he wasn't off-side.  The jury has been out for a while on that one.  There has been some deliberation,  some internet snippets.  The goal stands.

The only other comment I'll make is that there were WAY too many players getting carded.  Hopefully FIFA will wake up over the next three and a half years and reconsider their choice of officials,  since I saw a few things over the last several weeks that made me scratch my head a little.  In the case of this final game, once the players know that the cards are flowing,  then the Oscar winning performances get even more ridiculous.   There has been some other talk about poor officiating,  but I'll leave that to the proper sports authorities.

Meanwhile it's another hot day here in Wienerland.   Was also pretty danged warm yesterday too.  Didn't even bother to step outside,  with the exception of taking the recycling to the containers stationed a half block or so from our front door.   That was enough.  No huge desire for any bike rides.
On the other hand,  my charming travelling companion had to go to Switzerland this morning,  where only the office is warm.   She just called from outside,  since there's no air-conditioning,  and it's actually more comfortable out doors.

That seems logical.

Now,  the last time she was in Switzerland was when we had driven down from the Netherlands,  and this time around there was no way we were simply going to drive,  even though the distance is more or less the same,  since I had no desire to sit around for three days twiddling my thumbs.  What that meant was she had to take a train from the Geneva airport to Morges,  where the company that cannot be named has an office.  I'd get into the reasons why they have an office there if I understood it myself.   Suffice to say it has to do with having a presence in Switzerland to get some tax advantage. 
Oh,  and notice how I said "take the train from the airport"?.   Funny thing that.  Can't seem to do that in too many places in North America.   Just thought I'd point that out.
Not sure when Canada is going to "get finished".  Probably not in my life time.

Speaking of the Swiss.  They just happen to be in the news today.  They kill me.  You really have to go there to fulling grasp the "independent mindedness"  of the Swiss.   By that I mean,  the way they sometimes choose to thumb their noses at the rest of the world.  I think it has something to do with all that money they're hanging onto for everybody.
If you'd like,  you can  read the article here
On Edit:  Apparently that article that was presented by msn has been taken down.  Maybe they expire?  Not sure.  Can't say that surprises me,  msn is right up there with Flox News when it comes to credibility I find.

If you're still remotely interested,  I've stuck in the google search page...

Suffice to say,  The Yanks weren't entirely forthcoming with all the info that the Swiss asked for plus,  what they did offer didn't make too much sense,  so Roman Polanski is once again a free man.
Now personally,  I think he's a bit of a scum bag.  He was due to be "voluntarily deported" from the States back in 1977 at the end of his 90 day psychiatric evaluation,  but his mistake was to think that by being "released", that meant he was actually free to go.  Something to do with the judge up for re-election and reneging on his own ruling.
And, I might add,  the fact that they elect their District Attorneys and Judges is a real head scratcher all by itself, but let's not go there.

The American Judicial System doesn't take kindly to being second guessed.  So they put out a warrant.

Hey,  I've heard of Americans getting stopped for a minor traffic violation and being taken away in handcuffs because they failed to pay a fine,  and a warrant had been issued for their arrest,  so apparently they can spit out a warrant at the drop of a hat.

Anyway the deal was,  he "did his time",  even though it was a pitifully short amount,  (they have this whole "plea bargain thing" in the States)  and then decided to bugger off.  It was as the result of a documentary a few years back that a few feathers got ruffled,  and they thought they'd ask the Swiss to extradite him.  

There you have it.

You know,  instead of wasting all that taxpayers money on legal fees and such,  I'm sure they could have just kidnapped him and been done with it.  Once again,  this makes one think that the whole thing had more to do with political grandstanding than anything else.  Hm?

This is all making me very tired.  That'll have to do for now.
Probably has something to do with getting up at 4:30 a.m. to go to the airport.
Not sure.

Keep it between the ditches.


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