Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More junk in our lives.

So I'm thinking today I'm going to go with more or less a "pictorial" version of a post,  and hope you don't mind too much.

There has been some "talk" of getting some more furniture,  and while I admit that I wouldn't mind some cute little locally made end table or dresser,  I haven't really found much that I'd be willing to purchase.   (or that's "local",  or could be considered "made")

There was this one place that I came across the other day when I was out on New and Shiny,  and I should have taken note of the address,  since I'll be darned if I can find it again.  There were some pretty neat pieces that I could see from the street,  but it happened to be Monday,  so the place was closed.


Of course,  there were no obvious prices to be seen.  That's never a good sign.

Meanwhile,  since we never seem to have enough places to put things,  I figured we could just as well do with a stop gap solution.

Off to Ikea!

See,  most places sell crap,   and if I'm going to get crap,  then I certainly don't want to pay for delivery,  but then that means I have to put it together.  
The "putting together" part does get easier.

The crap curio behind me.  The crap table I'm working on,  and the crap I'm putting together.   All from the same place...

Just thought I'd mention that.

All you really need is a Philips screwdriver....

....and a hammer....

The thing is,  there seems to be a few items that need to be put away,  and the coffee table/DVD storage boxes idea next to the bed isn't working.

This is what I'm talking about:

oooo... tidy.

And it's made in Poland,  if you want to consider that "local".

Next we have to work on my side.   It ain't all that tidy....

But really,  why buy something when I have a perfectly functional moving box?  

And there's just enough space for my morning cup of coffee. 

What more could I need?


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