Monday, April 6, 2009

Worse time of the day.

And so we wait.

This is pretty much the story of my life. Did a lot of it in Puerto Rico. Thankfully this time around I don't have to sit out in the boiling car waiting and waiting. There would always be some stupid ass who would call from Pittsburg at 6:00 p.m. ('cause it was only 5:00 in Pittsburg) and then proceed to be on the phone for at least 45 minutes.

Good times!

I was forwarned this time around though, but it's always good to have something on the stove at about the "half done" stage, so that when I get the call, I can bump up production.

There's always the price to pay for living in la-la land.

Like the weekly bout with the lawnmower.
Such a pleasure. About half way through it's all I can do to not not just trundle the thing up to the furniture store (the Landlord's place) and wheel the f**ker in the front door, and just tell them to shove it. It's fine that it's self propelled, but that's because it's so heavy. If it needs to be "self propelled", then why isn't there a reverse??

I'm just saying.

It may very well come to pass that I'll just buy some lightweight little electric thing, and be done with it. And yes, they will get their lawnmover back. There's no room for two.

The weather today was damned near perfect and I'm not even sure what the temperature got to, but I do know I was sweating like a steer earlier on when doing a little edging along the back. Might have to work on what I at the time thought was a straight line though.

Oh well.

I may revisit a couple spots.Or not.

Again, I have to say. Good times!

We have visitors coming tomorrow, and should be arriving by train around say, 6:30 or 7:00? They'll call when they get to Deventer. (go to google maps, ok?) It's just far enough away that it gives me just the right amount of time to get there.
(um, something to do with that whole "waiting" thing?)

No, I'm not going to be taking along a couple bikes for them to ride back, I'll have the car. Hopefully I can later swing by the company that cannot be named and pick up Gabe.
Surely she'll be done by that time of night. It's getting to be that time of night at this very moment.

Guess I'll crack another cold one and see what the latest body count is in Italy.

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