Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A mysterious email

Back in March, the 13th to be precise, I mentioned something about a process called inburgering
Sorry about this, but now that I've graduated away from the html cheat sheet, I'm sure I'll be putting in links at an insufferable level until I get over the novelty of the whole thing.
I'll try to control myself. (not)

Where was I?


So this morning there was an email in my inbox from someone I did not recognise....
This doesn't happen too danged often, since I have my junk-mail filtre set at "don't even try it" and tend to mark anything that manages to sneak in as a "phishing scam" and then I never hear from that person/thing again. In this way, I get very very little junk mail.

Anyhoo, it was a good thing that this person put "Hof van Twente" in the subject line, since I then was able to discover whom it was from.
So by now a couple emails have gone back and forth between yours truly and a Linda B├╝ter over in Goor.
(I know....seems like a German name to me too...but she's Dutch.)

I remember Linda, she was the blond lady that spoke English. Mind you, she writes to me in Dutch, and I'm afraid, with my smattering of written Dutch, I write back in English.
I do recall that she had written her email on a piece of paper, but I was darned if I could read it, so I had no clue what her last name really was. Besides, I tossed the paper after about a month or so, and figured I'd never ever hear from anyone over in Goor...

Turns out, I've been asked if I wouldn't mind helping someone up in Almelo put together a couple wardrobes.


I mean, I don't really mind, since I did say I'd be willing to volunteer to help out. I'd sooner be making a couple Euros, but we'll start with some pro-bono work.
Mostly I guess, I'd be curious to see just who it is that's so pitifully helpless that they need some gringo to come and help put together a "kleding kast"

Although, it probably looks more like this.

Bwahaa! Yet another link!! Not over it just yet.

An offer was made to drop me off and pick me up, but I'm pretty sure I'd prefer to take the car, since then I can take all the tools I think might be necessary. Plus I wouldn't then be stuck in Almelo waiting for someone to come and fetch me.
At this point I have no clue who these people are, or where on God's green earth they might have come from*.

We'll see what comes of this, but these wardrobes are supposed to arrive in "week 20".
Ya...the Dutch count the weeks. They don't come out and say, "oh...the week of May 10th" or whatever.
For example, when the car was ordered, it was due to arrive in "week 42" or something. So then you need to sit there like an idiot counting the weeks on the calender to come up with an answer.


*um like, are there like, doo-rags involved?

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