Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A fine mess

Sometimes there are things that just make me want to spit.


I'm not sure what the deal is with our landlord, but maybe he's just not a handy guy. Or maybe he never had a chance to sort out some minor issues. Perhaps to him they're not "issues".

Maybe too busy selling pillow cases.

We have this little room off the garage, which I've begun to think of as a bit of a death trap, and since coming here back in August I've been eyeing the place while trying to come up with some means of getting the junk in there organised.

Here's a slightly different view. Fascinating, isn't it?*

I didn't really start becoming annoyed right away, and by the time I was getting a little worked up, winter came along, and it was just another place to ignore.
Now that the weather is starting to warm up well, I have to actually go in there.

Nothing has fallen on my noggin'...yet.
Best to be avoided, since my blood pressure did get slightly elevated at one point when there was just one too many things in there for me to work around. Nothing got broken, and there was no cursing.

Just a bit of a "clatter".

Of course, didn't bring my shop with me, so hanging some nice pegboard or something or other to hang things from is pretty much out of the question.

Turns out, Landlord dude had bought two "racks" that were lying in there with the rest of the flotsam. Just never bothered to put them up.


So that was today's little project. Had to go to the other side of town to pick up a proper sized masonary bit, which I purchased from the same place where I got the most expensive wrench ever. This time though, I only had to shell out €2,60. Whatever.
Meant to take a photo of the place.


It's right across the street from where we get the tires switched. I'm sure you remember.

So on the right there, you can see the racks. Makes a difference. I took out the beat up old tools and shoved them in a cupboard where I don't have to look at them.

They're not mine, so I'm not about to throw away his junk.
(hey, some guys are touchy about their old sh*t)

Oh, and did you notice the shoes? What the...?? They also got "stashed", but the socks had to go.
This is a tad better:

Pretty sure I can come up with something to deal with the two or three short handled things, not that I want to be too anal about it or anything.
Just can't deal with stuff on the floor...

I'll breath now.

Only other thing I have to say; they need to start selling Tapcons over here, 'cause dealing with plugs and screws is just nuts. Not to mention the fact that every screw is either a slotted or phillips. Oh, and if I wanted to use my Robertson screws? Well then, I'd need to go back home.

These little links are interesting, aren't they?

Tomorrow we once again fire up the lawn mower.

Oh joy.

*Um, any of you who checked in earlier may have noticed that I put in two "before" photos, one of which ended up at the end of the entry. Not sure how I managed that. Always careful when it comes to editing the words, didn't pay attention to the pictures.


I just switched them around.

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