Sunday, April 19, 2009

The wittless protection program.

Yes, I spelled that right.
We were watching some show last night where one of the characters had to up and leave because he thought he was being chased by some bad guys, and had never bothered to tell his wife he was in the "witness protection program". So I whispered to Gabe, "Don't worry honey, I've never been in the wittless protection program".
Had a bit of a chuckle.
Then again.
Looking back on the impression I might have left about Slovenia, maybe I do need to go into the wittless protection program.
I was being a tad sarcastic when I dismissed the country as just some place with mountains and a bunch of old buildings.

It was sarcasm people.

Settle down.

Slovenia was really really nice. Trust me. I recommend it.

Not only that, but if you have the "Slovenian connection", and I've spoken of this in the past, then you're always going to have some place to stay. If you try staying in a hotel, some relative or other will come there and drag you out by the heels. I mean, we stayed with someone who just happened to come along to our wedding some nineteen years ago.Here we are in her kitchen.

What I'm also getting at is well, I'm pretty danged having a place to crash makes it all the more worthwhile as a destination.

I'm just saying.
This was Saturday night. After going to the cave in Postojna, we continued on to the coast, to see Piran. Cute little touristy village with a good choice of restaurants.
We had to park way, way down at the other end since well, I think you know about parking just about anywhere in Yurp by now. I'll leave that alone.

The crazy thing is, if it had been say 10 degrees warmer, I would have sworn I was in Puerto Rico.


A lot of the buildings had a similar look, a lot of the occupants of the motorways have a similar "driving style" and there were even places playing that annoying samba/meringue/ thumpa-thumpa music. I did a real double take when we went by one restaurant and they were playing Buena Vista Social Club. I know that's Cuban, but we played it to death when we lived in Cabo Rojo.
It was like déjà vue all over again.

Btw....we just reached a milestone here. That link above is the first ever html that I've written without having to refer to my cheat sheet. Just thought I'd mention it.
So fine, it only took me a hundred plus friggin' entries and seven months to get to that point, but really, I ain't got no larnin'. So cut me some slack.

Then I realised I forgot the accents in "déjà", so I had to go back and fix it anyway, get those accents, I had to refer to a cheat sheet....but at least it was online..

Doesn't mean I'm getting any smarter, just that I was too lazy to get up and walk across the room, and thought I'd give it a try.

The link worked.

Who knew?

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