Monday, April 27, 2009

It could be worse.

Like, there could have been an open window.

As it was, we were counting our lucky stars that there was plenty of glass between us and this one bug that kept trying to pound its way into the living room last night.
I think it was a big moth, but I'm not entirely sure, since I couldn't really get a good look at it. Put it this way, the buzzing was so loud we first thought it was inside.


I have to point out that, there are really very few annoying bugs here, with the exception of the odd mosquito which of course, heads directly for Gabe, so we have to keep the place buttoned up pretty good. There were the annoying bees that kept coming in through a couple holes that the owner left in the upstairs door to the bedroom. I've since plugged those openings with some caulk. spite of what I just said about the lack of bugs, there was one other thing.

Once again last night, but a little later on, I actually thought Gabe had fallen down when she went into the bathroom, since she let out a sound that may very well have put the fear of God into all the dogs in the neighbourhood.

Now, I've squished a few bugs in my time, but that wasn't going to be the course of action with this one, since I would have ended up with an actual corpse.
We do tend to keep bathroom type cleaner at the ready, which seems to work fairly effectively on huge-assed spiders. Let me just put it to you this way, I went downstairs and got a pair of plyers to pick this guy up....

I've never actually seen a spider that large inside a house before. There was just that black widow* on a golf course in the Dominican Republic, but it was at least out doors.
With all eight legs completely stretched out, I'm pretty sure he/she/it could have covered the entire palm of my hand.
Might have been this guy.

While we're on the "it could have been worse" topic. I came across one other little snippit today that I need to share.

It's not that likely that we would have ended up living in this place that I'm about to point out but y'know, anything's possible.

Once again, counting those lucky stars, since when asked, at least I don't tell anyone I live in ....... (go on, click that link...I dare ya) this place

*sorry, I've been reminded that it was a tarantula.

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