Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What? Post No. 100?

That didn't seem to take long, and I hadn't really noticed until I saw that Monday's was number 99.
Ah yes, number 99. How does a complete idiot like Maxwell Smart end up with a hot chick like number 99? You thought I was maybe refering to "The Great One"....sorry, but no.
Ok...getting a bit off topic here, even though I had no topic to start with.

It would seem that trying to get a quick photo at the train station can be a bit tricky. Couldn't very well leave the car unattended, since I was basically double parked and had to move once for a bus as it was.
So that meant that, I had to rely on watching the door very intently and hoping to catch them on the way out.
I shouldn't really comment on the photo. It is after all, a public forum. I'll let you guess which one's are Lucas and Anne-Marie.

I thought I'd use "the big flash" instead of the tiny built in jobby that sits on top of the camera. You can see it does a fabulous job of lighting up a huge area that other wise was completely dark.
I did take a more exclusive second shot, but hadn't allowed the flash to recharge so that was a complete waste.


Since we're heading to Slovenia in the morning, my job list for the day will include searching out and printing off a couple google maps templates along with any other helpful info that I find. I may go back to the Read Shop and pick up a map of Austria, just so I have one. They didn't have a map of Slovenia, so I'll need to stop at a roadside travel plaza and pick one up. I've seen almost every possible combination of map at any of those stores in our journeys so far, so I'm not too concerned about that.
Of course, never hurts to do a little perusal of the phrase book:

Coming up on nine a.m. so I'd better head out before the stores are mobbed.
There may be an update later today.

Play nice.*

*there are allowances for poor grammer btw.

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