Friday, April 10, 2020

The Good Friday routine.

You know when you're sitting in some random restaurant washroom (OK, "restroom"  for you Yanks)  and you notice how the partitions are held together with these really weird fasteners?   Well,  no matter the fastener,  I've got that bit!
And it wasn't a job related thing either,  although I could understand why you would think that,  in light of that whole "Caretaker"  thing.
No,  I have this thing about,  I don't know,  being able to disassemble just about anything.  Or maybe there are certain tool sellers who rope me in from time to time?  Not sure what it is.

Re-assembly is another story.  But thankfully,  most of the stuff I take apart isn't "rocket science".  Good thing too.

So,  where the fork am I going with this?

Well,  the "routine" on Good Friday is,  T.C. makes "Bean soup",  for her,  and anyone one else who might be here,  as she observes the whole "no meat Friday"  thing.  Only on good Friday.  Although,  admittedly, there have been times when we've picked up fish and chips on the way home from the pub on a random Friday night. 

Ah yes,  the pub on a Friday night.  (sad face)

I will eat the bean soup,  although admittedly it isn't my favourite.  She likes to cut it with a wee dram of vinegar,  and by leaving out that one ingredient,  I can eat it,  and enjoy it.   Helps to be ravishingly hungry too.

The other thing she does on Good Friday,  is cook the Easter Ham.   I didn't think to take a pic of the Easter Ham,  but let me tell ya,  it's mighty yummy.
There's a certain irony there I realise,  as she's cooking something that she cannot eat.

In my case however,  I don't do that whole,  " no meat of Good Friday"  thing.   I was willing to make a peanut butter sandwich,  but when I mentioned that I was still hungry after the bowl of bean soup,  T.C. suggested that I try the ham.  I do think she came mighty close to trying some,  but she resisted.

So here's the thing.  Apparently, if you baste the ham with apple cider,  the ham flavour somehow intensifies.   I have no clue how this works.  Maybe something to do with the acidity in the cider?   All I know is,  mighty good ham.   I'll be having more come Sunday.

The only slight trouble is,  if you happen to get a little carried away with the ham basting,  and squirt cider onto the back of the oven?   Ruh-roh!  No bueno.

BUT!   I sorted it out! 

This is where the whole,  "weird ass fastener" comes into play.  The back panel is held on with Torx screws.   Now,  maybe that's not all that exotic,  but it sure is if you don't have the proper sized bit.

It's so much easier to clean parts when you can do it in the sink.  And surprisingly,  it just wiped right off.  I'm sure the oven was hot,  but whatever.

OK,  maybe that's not that exciting.  But hey,  I was pretty darned stoked.


In other "news",  Daughter Number One,  who now has a whole whack of extra time on her hands,  made us an Easter Egg,  and brought it over today.

Well truthfully,  she knows her Mom has a collection of eggs that she brings out at Easter,  so really it was for the collection.  It had very little to do with me I'm afraid.

Now,  I realise I should have separated it out,  but the black one in there is the one D.N.O made.

We were slightly slack jawed.  It's...kind of awesome.

When she brought over the Egg,  she let us know what the latest was concerning her job.  Seems she was hoping to be laid off (huh?)  but that didn't happen,  but instead,  she's been cut back to four days a week.   All benefits to continue,  and she can still work from home.   The whole working from home already gives her an additional three hours a day that she no longer has to waste having to take the train in to Toronto.   Same goes for her hubby.   They seem to be able to stay out of each others hair,  and have arranged some sort of "home office"  set-up for each of them that works.
Oh and,  she let us know that she put on a pair of jeans for the first time in three weeks,  and they STILL FIT!   Whoohoo!

Not sure if they'll ever want to do the commute again,  to be honest.  I did it once upon a time,  and can't even fathom ever doing it again.  There are many things that I cannot fathom ever doing again.

Working for a living comes to mind.

Anyhoodle,  hope this finds you well.

Thanks for moving your eyes back and forth.

Keep that stick on the ice.

And wash your hands!


  1. Kathy doesn't like my "T" shirt that reads "You can never have too many tools". Hey the tools get the job done.
    Used to do the no meat on Fridays but sometimes it just can't be helped.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Ham.

    It's about time.

  2. My wife gets "that look" on her face whenever I grab a tool. Seems she's had bad experiences with men and tools in the past. I assure her I am not Mr. Fixit, but I am also not a moron. Fortunately she is pretty handy and I will fix stuff when she is not around.

    I had an 1:45 commute into NYC each way for years, and that was when everything ran right. Later I moved and it was 45 min each way with less chance of a screw up. That commute was a piece of cake, but you are right 3 hours a day is as you like to say and I now sometimes copy, No Bueno.

  3. That oven is way too clean! We are to have temps in the single digits Easter Sunday and I am going to run the clean cycle on our oven--for warmth!! Such excitement in these strange times! Good for your daughter and her husband!


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