Monday, April 6, 2020

Dinner, wine, and a saxophone.

 So,  I had slapped a pic over on The Book of Face and thought,  "hm,  why not write up a few words here abouts?"

And here we are. 

Every so often ,  Travelling Companion gets these ideas,  that she wants to drop off dinner for the "kids".   I think the idea is,  when she was working, coming up with dinner every night was a wee bit of a chore.  (this would be 'sarcastic font',  by the way)  Of course,  the major difference was,  she had two kids,  a husband who,  at the time,  rarely got home before eight at night,  and was studying for her Honours Economics degree.
So ya,  not the easiest.

Admittedly,  back in the days when we were poor as church mice,  the kids did go without from time to time, but never offered a hint of a complaint.  To this day,  Daughter Number One never did get her "Green Machine",  and I'm sure has forgotten all about it.   Of course,  it still bugs her Mom that we couldn't afford a "green machine",  so she could be out there with the neighbourhood kids.

But hey,  that's the way it was.   We came out unscathed.  Although,  I think the lowest point was when we actually got a "care" package from the Church.   It's funny the things one remembers.  It wasn't the "best of times".  And let's just leave it at that.

Now,  in light of the whole "social distancing" thing,  we haven't seen much of the kids at all.  And in this case,  dropping off food basically means keeping our distance,  and just exchanging pleasantries.

We've done this before however,  this time around,  Daughter Number One asked if we could spare a bottle of wine,  and could she perhaps borrow my saxophone?   I figured,  what the hell.  I rarely pick the thing up,  so why not?  I doubt that she has any of her own reeds,  but I don't really care.  I'm sure she'll tire of it in a few days.   And yes,  I have a saxophone.  And no,  I won't be putting anything on YouTube.   I suck.
Once upon a time,  I was reasonably proficient,  if I do say so myself.   But not having picked the thing up for well over forty years can do a bit of a number on ones abilities?  Shall we say?

Please note the proper "social distancing".

Just wanted to point that out.

So,  Daughter Number One and hubby have been working from home for a few weeks now,  and it seems to be going OK.  She works in interior design,  and at the present time,  all construction has ceased in the Province of Ontario,  so she's going to find out at the end of the week whether or not she'll be getting laid off.  Getting "laid off"  here abouts means still getting some money,  depending on the number of years of service one has.  She's been at this same firm for over 10 years.   Seems to me,  that's one week of pay for every year of service.  You can correct me if you think you know better.

Either way,  they'll be fine.  She's quite looking forward to getting laid off,  but of course, with the Pandemic lurking about,  it doesn't mean she be gadding about any time soon.  So,  kind of a bummer.

Anyhoodle,  hope y'all are hanging in there. 

I'm not at the point yet where I'm yearning for the building supply stores to reopen,  although that day may come soon enough.

Thanks for stopping by.

Keep that stick on the ice.

And wash your hands.


  1. I still have guilty feels about "deprivation" when my kids were youngsters....things they don't even remember. Gosh! How do us parents let go of that eh?

  2. Those were harder times for us back then as it is for families today. Besides that the prices on lots of things have come way down.
    Glad you are staying Safe and practicing Social Distancing. Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Playing the sax might help with the social distancing thing.


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