Monday, April 20, 2020

One job a day.

Sometimes it's more than one,  but I figure if I can do one "job" a day,  then well,  that'll have to do.

You'll note that I put "job" in quotes.  I haven't actually had to go to an actual job in.... *thinks* twelve years now.
(and if I were still working,  I'd bet anything that I would have been laid off by now...yikes!)

Well,  it'll be twelve coming up in May.  I vaguely recollect that I left my job on May 8th of 2008.  In hind sight,  I sort of wish it had been May the forth,  and I'll let any Star Wars fans cogitate on that one.

Sometimes I count making the bed as a "job".

A wee bit lame,  I realise.  It depends on whether I might have any thoughts of actually doing something that day....

I'm not one to jump in a vehicle and go out for a drive,  just because I can.  However,  on Friday I think it was,  T.C. asked me, "When was the last time you drove your truck?"  And I couldn't actually come up with a day.  I think it was at least a couple weeks ago,  when I ventured off to Costco. 
I'm mustering up my courage to once again go to Costco tomorrow morning,  and I can't say I'm exactly looking forward to it.
Hopefully, 1) I won't have to stand out in the cold too long and,  2) They'll have everything on our what is now a somewhat lengthy list.

Like I said.  Not looking forward to it.

So,  as the truck had been in fact sitting in one spot for over a week,  I figured I had better go for a little drive on Saturday.  Just up to the plaza and back.  Probably all of five kilometres.  Maybe.  I guess.  Who knows?

Long enough to warm up everything,  and check on the situation at Home Despot where they are bringing stuff out to your vehicle after you order it on line.  They had the parking lot blocked off part way with stacks of skids,  forcing folks to only be able to go in one way,  and it looked as though you had to have something along with you letting them know you were there to pick something up.  No loitering.  No going in to "look around".  Probably the way it should have been all along.

Now,  here's a curious thing.   A couple years ago,  I very naively was looking for something or other on the Home Despot website,  and when I got to the store,  I couldn't seem to find the thing I had seen on the line.
 When I asked what the heck was going on,  I was told in no uncertain terms that,  "What's on the website isn't necessarily in the store."  Huh??   I'm pretty sure I was looking at whatever they were supposed to have AT THAT LOCATION,  as I had to first "Choose your store".   I suspect they had to step up their game in light of recent restrictions,  or nobody would be gettin' nothin'. *

I'm not a huge fan of Home Despot.  Just because well,  they do tend to run roughshod over other small businesses.  I can give a couple examples,  but those ships have sailed long ago.

Anyhoodle,  my "big job"  for today,  was cleaning out one of our chest freezers.  I specifically bought a 7 cubic foot freezer, not long after we moved here back in the 90s,  rather than have some gargantuan thing into which you could put an entire half a cow, so that it would be much easier to manage.   That is to say,  keep clean.

It's worked out pretty good so far.  No left over wedding cake,  or dried flowers,  or anything else other than food that's hopefully going to be consumed before ye olde freezer burn takes over.

I didn't take any pictures,  but basically it involves having some place to put the contents (a freshly cleaned out tote with a lid)  along with a number of ice packs (that were very conveniently already in the freezer)  and a heat gun.  Or,  you can use a hair dryer. 
The thing is, the freezer is going to take way too long to thaw out after being unplugged,  so the whole process needs to be sped up with a little persuasion.
There had been some Lasagna  in there that had been a little too generous in the sauce department,  so that was fun.  That of course,  was my own damned fault,  as I'm the one who would have put the Lasagna in there in the first place,  so I must have been somewhat less than careful,  and the thing leaked out a bit.  Gah!

But the exciting news was,  there was just ONE MORE peach pie filling left over. 
And here we thought T.C. had used the last one a couple weeks ago.


Speaking of "my own damned fault",  now the stupid squirrels are waiting patiently outside the back door just about every time I go out,  as we had a bag of walnuts that "didn't taste right",  and had to go.
So over time,  I fed the lot to the squirrels.

They still do get the odd heal off a loaf of bread,  but in these tougher times,  I've been known to actually eat the heels, rather than throw them to the squirrels.

Selfish of me to actually eat the food I paid for,  I know.

He's waiting!

I'm sure he can go off and find a nut out in the yard some place.  I'm forever seeing holes in the lawn where they've been digging.

Oh,  and in the 'job' department,  T.C. made some more noodles.

I realise I normally don't mention too much anything that T.C. might have done,  but I gotta say, once you've had home made pasta,  eating "store bought"  just kind of loses it's appeal.

Thanks for stopping by.

Keep your stick on the ice,  and wash your hands.

*All grammar mistakes are intentional.


  1. Once you eat that fresh pasta it's hard to go back eh? My grandsons, 13 and 8 love to make the stuff.
    Oh....thanks for reminding me that we need to clean out freezer before it warms up. The Mr reminded me that we have one too many dead cats in there needing a new home.

  2. Thank you for making our Isolation so much more enjoyable. Your warped humor is wonderful and so appreciated. You is the Man!!!!

  3. Since we sold the rv and got a car the truck just isn't used much. Especially now. Filled the truck in December. Still 3/4 full. Saving money big time but bored as hell.

  4. During this time of Self Isolation it seems only fitting to deem making the bed as a chore or job.
    Hopefully things clear up soon then the economy will do the same. I was retired Ten Years before returning to the workforce last summer. It felt good then not.
    The Big Box stores are still open in our area. Probably not as many highrises as your area.
    Be Safe and Enjoy exercising the truck.

    It's about time.


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