Thursday, April 16, 2020

OK so, big deal sez you.

I've done this before,  a number of times.

But the thing is,  when I was making banana bread in Vienna,  I didn't have a mixer.  I know!   How lame is that?
I mean,  I looked at mixers in Europe,  and man oh man,  were they ever expensive.  I found out too late that I could have ordered one on this Continent that was wired for 220 volts and 50 hz, and had it shipped with our stuff.  Didn't realise we'd be missing something like that so much.  Oh well.
Of course,  then I would have had to figure out what the heck to do with the thing when we moved back home.  I did manage to sell our washing machine,  but any of the other 220 appliances,  we gave to charity.

Here at the Ponderosa,  we have a "stand mixer",  which is simply a wonderful invention.  Just....let the thing run.

I'm not sure why I hadn't been doing this more often.  I suspect laziness might play a huge part?

I really,  really didn't want to talk politics today,  even though there are some really,  really stupid things I could go on about.  You know,  Orange Head,  Kelly Ann Conway,  the Governor of Florida etc.   Oh and, Bishop Gerald Glenn.  You probably heard of him.  And I mean,  he probably has a mother,  and maybe friends who will grieve his passing,  but really? 
Just don't be saying stupid shit.  Because you just never know.   Well,  I'm sure he's in "a better place",  or at least he thought he was going to one.   That's all that matters.

There's been a couple pastors that have...wait for it...passed on.   See what I did there?

That's about all I got today.   We did do a little road trip this morning,  first for a "porch pick-up"  of some sewing supplies for T.C. and then to drop off a birthday present and some masks at one of T.C.'s sisters.   Keeping a safe distance of course.  My only slight concern?   I'd have to make sure that my bladder wouldn't be nagging me at any point in the journey,  as any of the go to stop off places would be off limits.  All Tim Horton's and McDonald's only have their drive throughs open,  so there's no going in for what I like to refer to as a "McShit".   And of course,  there was no using the facilities at the sewing place,  nor at the sister's-in-law. 

Coulda got ugly.

As a side note,  any time we were in a foreign location when we lived in Europe,  I would always look for the "Golden Arches",  as I knew there were toilets available.  You might have to cough up fifty Euro cents for the privilege,  but at least they were clean.

And with that thought,  I'll bid you a pleasant evening.

Keep that stick on the ice.

Thanks for stopping by.  And wash your hands!


  1. Hey when did McDonalds say we couldn't pee in the parking lot??

  2. Bushes and grown-up tree are providing excellent shelter, that is for the males mostly. Girls go behind the bus. Make sure it doesn't have a back-up camera above the dash!

  3. My significant other is an essential worker in that he services farm equipment. His BUSY BUSY season is gearing up terrifically now that the snow has gone. He had to drive to S.Ontario to pick up a part from a farm equipment grave yard some five hours from here. He couldn't have anything to eat before going off. We have another friend who is a long distance trucker having equal issues.


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