Thursday, April 9, 2020

I see dumb people.

What was that movie where the little boy kept saying,  "I see dead people"?    "The sixth sense",  as it turns out.

Anyway,  today T.C. and I had to go out.  Not to be taken lightly,  but there was need for a few things for the weekend.   One of the stores that we have around here is a place called "Denninger's".   It's actually "Denninger's Foods of the World",  but we only use the shortened version.

There are only five locations around these parts,  and they have their own manufacturing facility where they make a lot of their own products,  such as sausages etc.

Most times I think one pays a little more than maybe at a regular store,  but the quality is always there.

I naively thought she was going on her own,  but I was sadly mistaken.   There was the possibility of calling in an order and having them bring it out to the car,  but that would have meant that someone on the other end would have to pick up the damned phone. 

Besides,  T.C. said she wanted to pick out her own stuff anyway.  So fine,  I waited in the car,  and in she went.   And by the way,  that whole "I waited in the car and in she went"  protocol would be exactly the same whether there was a pandemic or not. 

Just wanted to let you know.

I shop,  or she shops.  We typically do not shop together.  Just...a thing.

Interesting arrangement.  The store that is. They had squirrelled away most of the carts,  so that there were only enough carts for as many people as they were going to allow in at any given time.  What that number was,  I have no clue,  but I was quite surprised that T.C.  didn't have to wait outside,  the way it seems to go with most places right about now.  There was a cart available,  freshly wiped down,  and off she went.

Then of course,  I get to watch all the clever folks coming out.  Some wore masks.  Some wore masks and gloves.  Masks I'm OK with.  You want to wear a mask?   Go for it.  Just don't touch it.  Don't touch your face.  So there's this one old guy (OK fine,  maybe he's my age,  but I'm sure he was older)  He comes out with his bags of stuff,  he's wearing gloves and a mask.  And I'm thinking,  "Well there you go,  good for you."
He gets in the car after putting his stuff in the back seat,  and THEN takes off the gloves,  and takes off his mask.

And you might be thinking,  "Well,  so?". 

See,  once upon a time,  when we were trained on cleaning up blood and "blood products" (not sure what the hell that was supposed to be,  but whatever)  we were trained in a special way as to how to take off gloves so as not to get the contaminant on your person.  There's a trick to it.  And,  if you're NOT wearing gloves,  you need to wash your hands or use sanitiser BEFORE you touch anything.  Or get into your car,  touching your steering wheel,  and so on.   Alternatively,  you take off the gloves before getting into the car etc. 

Not only that,  but then he proceeds to touch his face.  Like,  wipe his nose with the back of his hand.  And I'm just sitting there shaking my head.
I managed to not yell it out,  but I'm sure I said,  "Dude,  you just missed the whole point!" 

There were more examples,  but I'm starting to get really agitated here.

In other news,   T.C. saw a "bug".    Well,  really it was some tiny little moth like creature that was flying around up in the office,  but somehow it was in our food. 

Some how.

I heard this...rustling and crinkling of plastic,  and thought maybe I'd investigate.

Right.  Everything had to come out of the pantry. 
The good news is,  we did get rid of some Couscous and Quinoa from,  I don't know,  years ago.  Along with some other mystery packets of rice.   Oh and,  these tiny little packets of gelatin.  Gelatin?  Huh?

And? No bugs.

You have to understand that,  one cannot simply dismiss this sort of thing.   Best to go along.  I made sure I was checking the cereal as instructed.  It too was bug free. 

I'm reasonably certain that the little moth like flying thing has more to do with springtime on the way,  and not something we brought in from a store.    Or that is lying in wait with his multitude of friends,  ready to take over the house.

Hope y'all are staying safe. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Don't touch your face,  until you....

Wash your hands.

And of course,  keep your stick on the ice.


  1. I'm all for the mask, but glove? Touch with glove, touch face same as touch without glove and touch face...might be even worse.

  2. "We" go shopping and Jim stays in the truck and I run in for bread and milk. Otherwise we do curb pickup. I'm a mask and gloves wearer. But I also know how and when to take them off. And we have sanitizer in the truck that gets used immediately. But I am amazed at the majority of people who just act like nothing is happening out of the ordinary. Wash your hands and dont touch your face. Can't say it enuf. Stay safe.

  3. Back in the old days Norma would make two lists, one for me and one for her. My list consisted of stuff I couldn't "screw up" and hers consisted of everything else.

    I wanted to use the call it in and pick it up but up here all the time slots for pickup for the next two weeks was taken. So, into the store I went.

  4. Very amusing story. You do have a way with words.

    I thought you were going to say he threw the gloves and mask on the ground. I hear there is a lot of that going around.

  5. We have a ritual. Wear mask, gloves, glasses. Mask rated R95. We split up and quickly buy what's on our list. Outside we spray bags and anything that is packaged. We keep produce in separate bag and spray outside of bag but not inside...all this while bags are in grocery cart and spraying as we take them out into truck. Of course our gloves have been sanitized and sprayed between each bag. I hold my arms out while I get sprayed from head to toe even sole of shoes. Sanitize hands, face before stepping into truck. At Costco, we had people watching us while we went through this ritual...they probably were amused but hey if it helps we'll continue doing that. We usually bulk shop once a month for grocery and fill up gas at Costco. It's been that way since I retired so no biggy about the rest of the month not going to store...we usually don't.

  6. Oh, we put used gloves, masks into plastic bag and spray the bee gees out of them and put them in back of truck. When we get home, they are hung up and sprayed again.


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