Sunday, April 26, 2020

Down to my last Q-tip.

OK, "cotton swab" if you prefer.  And,  maybe I have some more in another closet.  Not sure.
Just one of those minor annoyances where you go, "Oh crap,  forgot about that".   Because,  you know,  one does tend to "shop for the basics".  At least I do.  There were a few nitwits loitering about in Costco that last time T.C. and I went.  So much so that,  getting past this one particular dimwit on her phone was neigh on impossible if any kind of "social distancing"  was to be observed.

There was one moment a few days ago  when I was in the Food Basics down the street,  and some guy was on his phone (texting with his wife for grocery ideas? )  and I couldn't get past him,  so in a voice that was certainly loud enough,  I said,  "HAVE YOU MADE A DECISION?"   And this was after I had (politely,  I might add) given him a good minute to figure out just what the hell to do.  He apologised and moved along.   Of course,  the apologising thing is supposedly the Canadian thing to do.   In the States I might have got shot.  Hey,  the Yanks think we live in Igloos,  we too have our ideas that may or may not be quite accurate.

Anyway,  I'm not here to talk about cotton swabs.

Life is pretty normal here at the Ponderosa.   T.C. and I made Perogies yesterday,  which is something we do from time to time.  And yes,  when I say "we",  I don't just mean "she".   She did mix up the goop for the innards (a mashed potato and cheese mixture)  rolled out the dough,  while I put together the Perogies.   Keeping ahead was the challenge,  so there were times when she put down the rolling pin and made a few by hand.

We did have a couple tools at our disposal.

Sometimes it's all about the tools.

The thing on the right is this roller thingy for making perfect little circles of dough, a rolling-circle-cutter  and the clam shell thing on the left is kinda self explanatory.

I swear I didn't prompt T.C.  to take my picture.   So fine,  I'll throw it in here.  We ended up making 95.   This time around,  we boiled them up first,  then they went onto the trays after brushing on some melted butter,  and then they went off to the freezer.  They have to be frozen individually.  Then I'll do the "seal a meal" thing. 
There were maybe five or six "duds",  and we put in a few extras to make eight,  and had them for supper.  Fry up an onion in butter,  put in the Perogies,  and serve with sour cream.

And maybe you're thinking,  "Why 95,  and why would you need to know?"   And,  we probably would have made it to 100,  except that we ran out of mix.  Had to turf out the left over dough (hate doing that,  but you can't use it)  And as to "why"?   Well,  it's maybe due to T.C. being a retired CPA?   Mind you,  it's good to know just how many you'll end up with,  but a rough guesstimate would have worked for me.


I'm not anywhere close to the point where I might have to go to any other store other than a grocery store.   I'm still farting around with stripping the table out in the "shop".  Can't say it's fun.   And I suspect I'll have to get a little aggressive at some point,  as first of all,  it's not an antique,  and my niece has mentioned that she wants to change the colour anyway.  So,  there won't be any attempts to "keep the patina"  or any of those things you try to do to preserve the value of an antique.  And yes,  I've seen a few antiques just get completely ruined as the result of "good intentions".
Now mind you,  I think the term "antique"  has taken on some sort of hidden meaning in that,  somehow there's the understanding that it's somehow "special".   A piece of furniture might be old,  and considered an "antique",  because that's the term we use,  but it may very well have been a piece of junk when it was put together.  We have a couple of those.  And I keep them more for function over their supposed value.  We have a "wash stand"  that looks like it was put together by a blind badger.  Seriously.  It's horrid.  But,  it's stayed together all these years,  and functions perfectly well as a night stand in one of the spare bedrooms.


Anyway,  I've heard various reports when it comes to the new "curb pick-up" efforts that some places are trying to do.   Hope Despot comes to mind,  but here in Canada we also have Canadian Tire and Home Hardware.
So,  Home Hardware is kind of like "Ace Hardware"  I suppose,  and Canadian Tire has evolved into well,  just about everything.  They've gotten huge.  There's a couple links if you want to move your eyes back and forth.  Canadian Tire
And,  Home Hardware

Saves me a lot of typing...

Now,  a few years back,  for shits and giggles,  I ordered something or other from Home Hardware and went to the store to pick it up.   Somehow I was expecting a situation similar to Lee Valley,  (don't you just love all these links I'm putting in?)   where they have an area inside the store that's kind of off on its own,  where you go to pick up your stuff. 
Not Home Hardware.   
I had to walk the the very back of the store to "Customer Service" where,  they didn't really have a clue.

So,  I was a little surprised to hear from one of the "Zoomers"  a few days back that Home Hardware were really doing a good job when it came to the "Curb side pick-up" thing.   Who knew?

Conversely,  Canadian Tire?  Um,  no.   Reports are,  they haven't figured it out.  And Home Despot?  Again, reports are that you'll get your order in a timely fashion once you get notified that it's ready,  but that whole "getting ready" part can take days.

Well,  that makes sense.

For years now,  places like Lowe's and Home Depot very much depended on the customer doing all the work. You bring in a cart from outside,  load it up,  take it to the cash,  and then load your stuff into your vehicle by yourself.  Unless you ask for assistance and then have to stand around waiting for some "help" to show up. 
And recently,  "for your convenience"  they've added "self check-out". 
I don't do "self check-out" .   The last time I operated a cash register,  I was getting paid to do so,  and was the one training the staff on just how it all worked.   So unless I'm on your payroll,  or you're giving me some incentive,  it's not happening.
The quandary then is,  do they have the staff available to fill all those orders? 
Of course not.  And this is why a lot of places are crying for more employees.  They've been trying to screw everyone out of a job for so long,  that now they are the ones getting ever so slightly buggered.

And here's another "funny one". 
Some time today,  T.C. is expecting to get a note saying her grocery order from Fortinos is ready for pick-up.   I haven't really checked their website to see how it works,  to be honest,  but T.C. tells me that she had to pick a "slot",  and a couple weeks ago,  there were no slots available for ....two weeks. 
So fine,  Daughter Number One had already put in an order and T.C.  was able to add some things to it,  and it was picked up last week.   Today will be our turn.   The curious thing?   Now there are boatloads of "slots".   Ha!
Do you think maybe folks just decided it was too much hassle to wait two weeks to get some groceries?  Hm? 
Plus,  folks didn't really know what to expect.  Because yes,  you CAN go to the store.   You may think it best to wear a mask.  Keep your distance for the stupids.  Or tell them to get the fuck away from you.  But it is possible.  And surprisingly,  there is in fact,  toilet paper available.  Along with flour and most everything else.   Hair care products?   Don't know.  Don't care.
Have you seen my head? 

Although,  I may have to try and convince T.C. to come to grips with my hair clippers one of these days.  I think there's a pun in there somewhere.

Thanks for stopping by.

Keep your stick on the ice.   And wash your hands.


  1. We had an attack of the stoopids yesterday on our beach. For at least three weeks , we citizens have been keeping our distance even walking on the beach. Parking is limited too but some big name newspaper thought they’d try to be accurate a( and totally missed that mark!) and put out to sixty bahjillion big city folks that this small town beach is wide open. So yThe welcome mat was out, according to Big City News. Guess what happened yesterday? There were so many Big City folks gathering maskless and closely packed on the beach that it might be necessary to close the beach for all. Well thanks Big City newspaper. Now that all the trails are closed and have been for weeks , we will only have neighborhoods to walk in now. So the Stoopids will be safer now. They can go back to Big City and be safe too, or at least, they will be safe until they exhibit the virus they caught rubbing elbows at the small town beach.

  2. My first thought...... better being down to last Q-Tip than last square of Toilet Paper.

  3. ...we too have our ideas that may or may not be quite accurate.

    It's best not to put anything past Americans. Most of us are sane but our percentage of crazy is way above normal.


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