Friday, October 24, 2014

Frost is on the pumpkin.

But we’ve been having some really nice days.  I mean, it would have been nice to have such nice weather back in the summer,  but I think I’ve muttered some complaints about that previously. 

Just let it go.

Mind you,  it was a pretty good summer for working outside,  since it never did get too brutally hot. At least as best I recall.  I may be sugar coating it somewhat.

It doesn’t seem like there’s been a lot going on,  but when I noticed a “comment awaiting moderation” this morning from Kevin Read, I thought maybe I’d take a little break, pour myself (yet another) coffee,  and pound out a sentence or two.

And what’s with that whole “comment awaiting moderation” thing?  It just seems to happen every so often.   It hasn’t been 14 days.  I have no idea.  Comments are supposed to just show up. 


All’s well.  Really.  I’m just plugging along.

It seems like it’s taking me forever,  but all of the windows that are going in at the front of the house have to have at least two coats of finish on them,  ‘cause I ain’t hanging off a ladder any time soon to refinish them.  So patience is a virtue.


These two are going into another house.  So I’ve made arrangements with my nephew to have a little help on Monday.  This is at my sister-in-law’s place just a couple blocks from here. 



I went up yesterday to take off a couple bits of the trim,  just to have a better idea as to what will be involved.  I’ll need to chisel away some of the mortar that was put in to hold these ones in place.  This is another place that does not have what would be referred to as “balloon frame” construction.  There are no studs on the outside walls.  

Interestingly,  whoever finished off the soffit above the windows installed 1 x 4 tongue and groove aromatic cedar,  and stained it.  I recognise this stuff,  since it is in all of our closets.  I guess they had some left over.  Too funny.  It would never rot,  I’ll tell you that much.


My sister was out this way to see her grandkids,  so we made a couple treks over to London (no,  not that London)  so see her,  her son,  his lovely lady friend and the young ‘uns.  



They have the cutest dog I’ve seen in a long while.  Named Oreo. He’s just a wee bit on the hyper side,  which probably explains why I’m holding onto him for dear life.  I’m not overly keen on that whole dog lickin’ yer face thing.  

Sorry, doggie lovers.  Not my cup of tea.

And he’s small enough that he can’t jump up on the furniture.  Works for me.   But no,  we won’t be getting a wee dog any time soon.  Thanks.

I’d just as soon not post pics of anyone who hasn’t explicitly said they’re OK with having their image on ‘da net’,  so you only get to see my ugly mug.  Turned 58 on Sunday,  and there was cake.  And it wasn’t nauseatingly sweet cake either.  I had two pieces.

Somehow I think there will be more cake this weekend.  Just a guess.    Stay tuned.



And I think that’s about it.

Oh,  we did get a call from Daughter Number One last Friday,  asking if we could go and fetch Zippy (her name for the Jetta,  not really ours)  from the mechanic.

It had thrown a couple codes,  and I guess she was worried it might be something serious.  He cleared the codes (a couple of which he had never seen before),  drove it for a week,  and they never came back.

It’s a mystery.

We think she doesn’t drive it enough.  It’s her car,  we gave it to her back in ‘04,  but she and her significant other are so close to the GO station,  that sometimes they walk.  Or they take the little car,  but it barely gets to warm up.   I was supposed to be driving it this past week,  but I’ve not heard a peep on that front.

We’re not sure what’s going on with whatever was briefly ailing the thing,  but the car is at that age where it’s not worth doing anything too drastic.



“Zippy” is a 2000 Jetta that I bought in November of ‘99.  So what’s that?  Fourteen?   Geez,  that’s 98 in dog years.  Oh wait.  We’re coming up on November,  aren’t we?  So fifteen.  Whatever.

There’s something like 369,000 km on the clock,  and it’s a strong runner.  It’s on its third timing belt,  (gets changed at 100,000)  and needed a new turbo last year some time. Other than rubber and brakes,  that’s about it.  There was a “mass airflow sensor” issue early on,  but VW stepped up and paid for that.  

The only thing that could possibly send it to the scrap yard is the torque converter,  which is only noticeable at highway speeds.  I though it was a fuel management issue,  since there’s this slight oscillation that is barely noticeable when you’re cruising along,  but it turns out it’s the torque converter.  That’s about a fifteen hundred dollar job. 

She ain’t worth it.

Anyway,  the mechanic offered to buy it for 500 bucks if it craps out.  He’s welcome to fix it up or part it out.  

She might last another couple years,  who knows?


And NOW,  I think that’s about it.


I’ll try and get on here a bit more often.  Promise.

It’s kind of like that whole, “One cactus starts to look like another” sort of thing.  And it’s bad enough if the crap I’m doing is tedious and somewhat boring,  I’d prefer to not inflict that on others. 


Thanks for stopping by. 


Enjoy your weekend,  unless every day is Saturday.   So enjoy that too.


  1. I remember being 58. Seems like a long time ago....

  2. 58 seems so long ago! Eat more cake!

  3. Happy B-day. I don't even remember 58. But I do remember cake. the pup is a fluff ball. Can't believe you don't want one.

  4. I thought with all that fine German engineering, VWs lasted for ever (and then some). Actually, 15 years ain't too shabby. ;c)

  5. Happy Birthday. A few years yet before we get to 58. Still young...!

  6. 58 yep I remember that, thought I was getting old and here I am still chugging along enjoying saturday 7 days a week.

  7. Yeah...58 is a very long ago memory. Enjoy your youth!

  8. Happy belated, you are just a baby....


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